Federal Civil Service Commission in Money-for-Job Scandal: What Hope for Unemployed Nigerians?

The chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), Deaconess Joan Ayo, has vehemently denied the allegations that the commission was involved in money-for-job scandal.

The commission defended its 2012 budget performance before the Senate Committee on Establishment and Public Service Matters. The vice chairman of the committee, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, said some staff of the commission were allegedly compelling young job seekers to part with N500, 000 to get jobs.

And, in an open Challenge to Deaconess Ayo to dispel the rumour, Ojudu said, “such a rumour is not good for the image of this committee; it is not good for the image of your commission and the image of the country.” The FCSC chairman, however, said she was hearing of the rumour for the first time, claiming that she had been receiving commendations from prominent Nigerians for the transparency with which she had been handling the affairs of the commission.

However, when Senator Ojudu insisted that the rumour was rife, she retorted by saying that the commission, under her supervision, had zero tolerance for corruption and corrupt practices. She challenged the senator to show proof of the alleged money-for-job scandal, saying her honour and integrity were at stake. The committee also took her up on the decision to stop examination for promotion for civil servants, saying she took the decision without carrying the committee along.

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  • Wot did u expect her 2 say?2 admit dt it was true,we all knw dt even an agency of gvt dt u dnt realy need anytin 4rm are corrupt nt 2 tak of fcsc wia every unemploy youth visit 4 every seconds.d coruptn in dt agency is @ per wit d one in nnpc.

  • There’s no iota of truth in saying that there’s no corruption in the service. A blatant lie. It’s only who has not searched for jobs in Nigeria that will agree with that. She is even bold to challenge for an evidence! The senators should contact me for an evidence if they are bereft of one.

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