For Men: Your Socks Are As Important

No man should appear anywhere like this

For most men, picking out the right socks to wear is not important as they believe socks are just there to absorb sweat and protect your shoes from the horrible odour we all know. As much as that is a major use of the socks, there is more to socks than just absorbing sweat.

Socks can really invigorate your wardrobe. Your classy style can be ruined with the kind of socks you put on. Imagine a man donned in a nice suit and nice shoes with classic fit wearing big, tall, woolly tube socks. Awful! Remember what I said about socks and sweat? Now if socks were only for absorbing sweat, then we should all be wearing the big woolly ones. But you know as much as I do how that would make you look even with your expensive clothes and shoes.

If you’ve ever read any piece on this page talking about men’s dressing, you would have noticed the emphasis on simplicity. Yes, it applies to socks too…it’s keeping the simple thing simple. Dark socks are great for everyone and goes with almost everything. You don’t want to wear socks that makes it look like you are wearing nude panty hose; that’s how the flesh-toned socks makes you look, especially if you have a fair complexion. Promise me you will never buy them again.

When you’re not sure of which socks to wear, match your sock colour to that of your shoes; it will create a seamless line. That perfect consistency is something you can’t get if you match socks to pants. Some say it makes it look as if you are wearing stirrup pants.

An army of black and brown cotton or silk dress socks is great for every wardrobe. You could try some patterned socks too, but just remember our code; simplicity, always keep it simple. There’s nothing as bad as a bold-patterned suit with a patterned sock. Well, you guys hardly wear patterned suits these days.

Just like we agreed on about underwear, socks with sports figures, superheroes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. must be avoided at all cost. Also, steer clear of any socks that’s provided free of charge… those branded socks companies give out to you in the name of giving back to their customers.

Wool socks could be scratchy and hot, but if you don’t mind, you can stick to them. Cashmere socks are so cool! But if you can’t afford them, a merino wool sock isn’t bad too.

elder merino wool socks
cashmere socks

Some people don’t know there is a reasonable height your socks should have. There is. A good quality dress sock should always be long, but not up to your knee please! They should be long enough to go well up to your calf. No one wants to see the gap between your sock and your pant when you cross your legs. Of course if you are a Muslim cleric and your pants are usually short, we’ll understand.

Stop wearing those socks if they are already falling down around your ankles. A good sock should be able to get up your calf and stay there.

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