FRESH, Chris Okotie’s Party, Rejects Deregistration by INEC, Says it is “Anti-democratic” Suspects PDP

Following the recent deregistration of 28 political parties by the country’s electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), reactions have began to come from the affected parties.

One of such parties to first react is none other than the party of Pastor Chris Okotie, FRESH (Fresh Democratic Party). The party has, through a press release, made its rejection of this action known, an excerpt from the release is given below:

The purported deregistration of our party, FRESH (Fresh Democratic Party) as announced by Independent National Electoral Commission on Thursday, December 6, 2012 came to us as a rude shock, even though the commission only made good its long standing threat to embark on this undemocratic action against all rationale thinking and public opinion… It is also an affront on the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the decision of the Court of Appeal on the vexed issue.

We condemn and reject this unilateral and anti-democratic action which is designed to further shut out the opposition from the democratic space; and we would seek legal redress for this injustice in the court of law. It is obvious that the ruling party, the PDP is afraid of the growing stature and acceptability of our party and therefore uses this arm twisting tactic to remove our party from the list.


  1. Music man Chistie Okotie should learn to face what he knows best to do -singing/making teenager music and chasing girls/women! Since he ventured out into LAW, RELIGION, MARRIAGE AND POLITICS he has been one failure/disaster after another.Since no Muslim/except BH and only few Christians/Non Christians will vote/statistical error for his one man party how does he expect to get any ward/LGA position? Let him go and rest and stop being a nuisance to INEC and serious Nigerians.


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