Girl Bathed With Acid By Fiancé Has Passed Away

In a rather sad tale, the 25-year-old Chika Egbo, the lady who was bathed with acid by her fiancé, David Sulaimon, in Ikotun, Lagos, for unknown reasons, has died at the Burns Unit of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja, wee hours of Thursday.

Sulaimon & Chika.
Sulaimon & Chika

Her death is coming six weeks after the November 5 attack that left her without the use of her nose, eyes and mouth – she was fed through a pipe, connected to her neck.

Chika’s father, Matthew, who was at pains at the loss of his daughter, stood at the front of the mortuary, looking forlorn as he relived her last moments amid sobs: “Her body has been transferred to the mortuary. She died around 1am today (Thursday).

“I looked at her about four days ago and realised her eyes had changed. The doctors later told me the eyes were condemned. She really suffered these past three days. I prayed to God that if it was His wish, God should take her life so that her suffering would cease. She suffered so much.

“The police have come to get the necessary details. The investigating police officer said he had to go to the court in order to prepare documents that will authorise an autopsy.”

While urging the police authorities to hasten up the process to enable him to take the body of his daughter for burial after the autopsy, Matthew revealed that his wife had not been informed about their daughter’s death. He said she would probably be informed today.


  • What was don 2dat bastad? Muslims are doomd for eva.
    I pity dos joinin islam as terorists.
    I was formally 1but thank God who has showd me d way.

    • What has religion got to do with a guy bathing his fiancee with acid ???? You are just been a fanatics with your choice of words. You cannot because of the action of a man or a group of people tag people who are practising a religion as terrorist. Majority of you people shouting wolve cries are hypocrites yet you claim to be the saint and the purest at heart. Your ability to do something evil has nothing to do with religion. Its your personalty and not the religion you practice.

      Mr. Hotman, what of the issue that happened of recent ” a pastor raped a female member and claimed he was praying for her so that she could concieve” or the one in which the pastor uses peoplefor rituals so that there will be an increase in population of the congregation. So what is your comment on that??????

      Am not here to advocate religion, just my own thought and point of view.
      Let’s wake up and be realistic. Resist been a religion fanatic and stop bn gullible.

      I am Ibrahim and proud to be a muslim

  • For a sane guy to bath a fellow with acid is heartless not to talk of his fiancee he most definitely would have professed love to….this kind of people should be locked up and the key to their cell dropped into a bucket of sulfuric acid for one month and 15days then they can ask him to search for the key in that same bucket and free himself if he can…..shame on you heartless act

  • It is unfortunate, we leave in the “end time”, holy book say: love of many shall wax cold, they will be lover of self and not lover of God, you see, the fanatics are lover of self not even lover of God. The Sulaimon in question doesn’t love his fiance, he only love what is in between her tight and also remember that in Nigeria LOVE don die “patapata”. The result is what you are seeing. A man that has not met GOD on one to one in any of the religion will not be able to do things of God nor obey the law of the most high. The way to holiness is their in holy Qur’an and Holy Bible but many are not searching for it nor trying to do them. Never mind, the creator of Heaven and Earth is coming again to give everyman his reward according to what each has done.

  • Mr Hotman david suleimon is not a muslim.I’m sure even with the least education you should knw David is a christian name.Stop the buckpassing and get a life!I am very sure sum1 like you doesn’t even know the shortest verse in ur bible yet u go around advocating holier than thou attitude!Are you so blind that you ddint c d name of the culprit is David?You have soo much hatred for a religion that you know nothing about.Well!dat is ur loss.Now getting back to the issue that muslims r terrorist have you used ur infinite time of ignorance to ask urself if muslims were the terrorists that killed millions of south americans from the 16th century and took over their land?or was the british muslims when they came into africa and hurles millions of our forefathers to america of which 80percent died on d sea!?was adolf hitler a muslim whoo killed 6million jews?was it muslims that went to south america and killed the aborigines?ws it a muslim south africa that created apethide and killed soo many innocent lives?well to burst ur bubble hitler was a catholic,the spanish conquistadors had d backing of the church,the british were active members of the church,if not d cristianity dts in nigeria wdnt have been here.Now I know very very well that dese ppl acted on deir own and do not represent cristianity,so I dnt generalise and say all cristians r killers.Rev King burnt his church members for only God knows what.But he is only an atom’s weight of all xtians.deir is a difrence.So go get a life and stop been subjectively intolerant.
    And Yes I am a muslim.very fortunate to be.

  • we parent let try and do our best, let tech this children d way of d lord he will not disappoint us,we should not allow our children to go out with guy because of wealth,we should try as-much as possible to feed them word of God at lest once in a day so that they will grow with it may d lord help us to play our roll as a parent.

  • What wicked world we live in, a man killing his own fiance is so brutal.
    What on earth could be the case for this ungodly act, but no mater what the cause,
    it is not justifiable.. Even if the law may not punish this Suleman, God will definitely punish him..
    He can’t go Scot free..

  • my people of “” nigeria “” are we still together,…. for my lovely sister may your soul rest in the right hand of baba god amen,… for that young man the money you have that makes you to bathed acid to some one you called your finance,….. hehe hehehehehe…. see danger in you life for ever one,…..because you will be alive and see death and then you will called ara to come and take you life and he will say no to you i don’t know you because of evil you have don in life,…. the parent and family of the girl,may god give you people the heart to endure in jesus name… amen.

  • fellow christians and muslims pls bear with one another and pls sympathise with the family of the lady, fellow muslims forgive that man for his unnecessary comments against your religion pls.

  • I think the lady’s should hear this.mind the kind of pple U go out with.the world is becoming too wicked.for ibrahim I read ur comment really this has nothing to do with religion.this guy is so heartless!may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace!

  • The case of people killing in the name of love is very rampant these days and worldwide.I suggest an eye for an eye as a solution to this problem, afterall we all have one life.

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