Gun Found Inside Frozen Meat Section By Supermarket Employee

A supermarket employee found a handgun in a frozen food package while unwrapping meat shipments, according to NBC News.

The weapon along with seven rounds of ammunition were found by the Albertsons employee in a Colorado supermarket. He later turned in the gun to the Roswell Police Department.

“The big cases of meat come in a box,” says department spokesperson Sabrina Morales. “When he opened it, he saw the firearm. It wasn’t packaged inside with the meat, but it was in the same box.”

The employees reportedly cleaned the gun before handing it over to authorities, which will make tracing the owner a little more complicated. To make matters worse, the mystery meat was packaged more than a year ago.

“The other part that’s disturbing is the date on the package was 6.8.2011. I don’t know how long meat stays well-frozen, but that was the date of the package he was opening,” Morales said. “You hear of people finding frogs in their salad or weird stuff like that, but never heard of this one.”

While Roswell Sgt. Jim Preston says that it hasn’t been registered, they’re still investigating it.