I Don’t Live Off Church Members’ Tithes, Offerings Or Contributions – Bishop Oyedepo

Founder of the Winners Chapel International aka Living Faith and Chancellor of Covenant University, Ota-Ogun state, Bishop David Oyedepo has spoken up on allegations that he survives on church members’ tithes and offering thereby living an affluent and flamboyant lifestyle.

The faith preacher reportedly reacted to the allegations at the Church’s ongoing annual spiritual retreat tagged ‘Shiloh.’ He said,”The last time Church paid my salary was December 1987, nobody heared it, not even the Ministers in the church until 1997 and church members didn’t hear this until 2007.

“In January of 1988 my wife asked me of money for feeding and I told her I had give my salary to God, and that was the last time she ever had to ask for feeding till date”

speaking further, the Bishop reiterated that the prestigious Covenant University Ota, was built without a donation from Church members either in form of tithes, offerings or contributions. In his words, “Covenant university was built within 7 months without any collection of any one naira tithes and offerings or donation of any kind from anywhere”


  1. Cool story,he lives on manna from heaven,and as for covenant university,he built it with supernatural finances,we can’t understand unless we ‘key in’….

  2. Bishop should not compound the situation by replying to critics.Replying might lead into telling lies.Just quote ” Dont muzzle the mouth of the ox that threads the corn” That should take care of the problem

    • His an APOSTLE…..Men like dis dnt struggle for things ĄЙd̶̲̥̅̊ as 4 covenant university, it was built by GOD. Hw else do ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ build dat within 7 months.

  3. Its a pity how fools behave. Many of these retards who write rubbish here SNEAK TO CANAANLAND FOR PRAYERS OH!
    Do you know the multi-billionaires and world-class business tycoons that have been raised through his ministry?
    Are you a devil from hell?

  4. The goat who wrote this story should know that he or she by doing this has brought himself to eternal curse of poverty and struggles. I was in shiloh and other things happened why did they not tell this things. For writing rubbish enter got your DOUBLE PORTION OF HARDSHIP, PAINS, REGRETS & FRUSTRATIONS. Let every son & daughter of the prophet say amen.

  5. Its possible he is not paid by the church and all that biut he lives on the several businesses he owns through the resources of the church and the goodwill of being a man of God. And its all the same thing. If your father doesn’t give you pocket money but your mum does what is the difference?

  6. The human mind cannot comprehend God’s divine prosperity on a man. But food for thought, ‘Do u people know how much he makes from his authored books?’. So better pray for ur own divine breakthrough!

  7. This is pure season film. I think this man is into an hidden business that he can’t disclose. Nothing is working in nigeria not even the so call men of God!

  8. Haaaa pastor oyedepo don’t u tink bfor u say somtin like dis out ok o wia did u got all dis money from r u into money rituals or drug pls let’s knw ur source of wealth d richest pastor in nigeria

  9. Wt bishop said is that no special donation wuz given 4 d building of d skul bt i dnt agree.wu is deceiving who here?if he’s nt receiving salary,he’s sha receiving benefit and that amounts to renumeration either way…pastors! May God deliver us. Anyway,who are we to judge?wateva we says or do,he still remains an anointed man of God…#smh

  10. I pity u all who thinks it is impossible for God to bless a man to the degree which oyedepo is blessed today. King solomon was not a buisness man nor a man with access to tith and offering, yet even oyedopo is not as half blessed as solomon. Critics sharpen ur mouth and ready ur pen cause HERE I COME. A Greater than Solomon and oyedepo is here

  11. Did I hear somebody say critics no leave them oh shey thwm no hear say touch not my annoited and do ma prephet no harm no wahala God dey….. Just looking at some peoples foolishness @ pastor oyedepo God strenghty u more IJN AMEN

  12. I don’t think the Bishop actually make the statement. As for not receiving salary for so long, I can’t say, but for not collecting/soliciting any money for building covenant University I disagreed, cos. that was done and I know I did contributed to that effect when I was a member of the church.

  13. The only thing true in this post is the fact that the commission dont pay Papa salary…As for not receiving contributions towards the building of Covenant University,I dont remember Papa making such statement so the author of the post owes the public an explanation and the Bishop an apology because there were really contributions(once) made towards building the University.It is Landmark that didnt receive contributions.


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