I Want To Be Remembered For Having So Many Children – Helen Paul

Helen Paul on radio
Helen Paul on radio

Helen Paul, also known as Tatafo started as a stand-up comedian. Today, there is more to the Edo state born comedian than just the lady that mimics voices on radio. She has featured in many movies and co-hosts popular TV show, Jara.

In an interview with showtime, Helen Paul says the situation of the country inspires comedy, describing living in Nigeria as comical. “Each time I think about our country, Nigeria and all the happenings, it is enough to turn one into a comedian. I get inspired when l fused all these together. For example, you visit a home in Victoria Garden City (VGC) and take another stroll to a home in Mushin, Lagos,” she said.

As much as she succeeds in making people laugh, Helen gets serious when at home. She says comedy for her is a profession and there has to be a distinction between one’s home and profession.

“Comedy is my job; it is where I get my daily bread from, but it is not my life. At home, I am a disciplined person, but l am more or less a sanguine outside my home. I am a professional actress; l read Creative Arts in the University and went further to obtain a Masters’ degree in it, but like I said it is a profession. You should be seen differently in your home.”

She goes comical again when asked what her fashion statement is and the form of exercise she does. “I dance a lot, that’s the only exercise I do. As for fashion statement, I am an actor, hence l can wear anything, but the only thing I cannot be caught wearing on stage is a napkin or what we call pampas.”

While she advised upcoming entertainers to stay true to what they do and not care about detractors, she pointed out the importance of having a mentor.

Helen Paul wants to be remembered as a mother who had many children. Don’t worry she says, they don’t all have to be biological, but people whose live she’s affected in a good way.

“I want to have wonderful children all over the world. I want my children to affect lives everywhere in the world. I want to have touched so many lives. But it is not yet the time; I am getting there, in the next 60-70 years, I would have gotten there,” she said.


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