I Was Never Signed To Trybe Records – Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah is arguably one of the finest FemCees ever to hold a mic in Nigeria with her lyrical prowess evident on joints that she has laced by herself or featured on and so it was no surprise when eLDee’s Trybe Records supposedly signed her on in May, 2012.

However, barely 7 months down the line, the two parted ways with the record label citing a difference in vision as reason for the ‘divorce’. The diva took in good faith and has since maintained sealed lips over what really transpired.

But in this interview culled from BN, Eva denies ever been signed to any record label including eLDee’s Trybe Records.

Excerpts below:

Many people thought you were going to release an album under Trybe Records. Now that you are no longer with the record label, is an album still in the works?
Yes. Music is love for me. I do it from my heart, from the depths of me. I have pretty much survived my whole career without ever signing on to any record label contrary to all the many reports you might have heard about my “supposed” affiliations with this and that label. I get a lot of support from a lot of well meaning people, but have I ever being signed to a record label? No. I’m currently working with an excellent management company ’3UD’, and we have been working on a double music project since last year. At this point in my career, I’m grooming myself. I’m basking in the love that I feel from people who genuinely support me and keeping myself grounded as much as possible.

Oh really? The impression most people had is that you were actually signed on to Trybe Records. Looking ahead, are you planning to get signed on to another record label?
I have no idea. I sincerely can’t say. I have never been signed to a record label before and I have done so much work on my own so far. The only deal I am on currently is a music writing and collaborative singles deal with a record company in the UK. Seriously, all I want to do now is work and be happy. Push. That’s all I ever do. And everyday, the support from the media, the DJs, Radio, TV, my amazing fans and God, is all I need to keep doing what I do.


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