I Will Not Quit, If You Attack Me, I Will Defend Myself – SURE-P Chair

A lot of criticism has surrounded the way Dr Christopher Kolade, former Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Chairman, Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P), has been doing his job, but he says he will not quit the job.

Kolade, who made the announcement in Lagos at a media luncheon, said that the committee was inaugurated to ensure better welfare for Nigerians.

“I will continue to work for Nigerians and we will not abdicate this country to anybody and nobody will take my integrity away.

“I will not quit, if you attack me, I will defend myself. The National Assembly and the SURE-P Committee and everybody are supposed to be working for Nigerians not individuals,” he said.

Kolade said that the committee members would continue to ensure probity, transparency and accountability.

He noted that the total budget for running SURE-P activities was one billion Naira and not N2.2 billion as reported in some national dailies.

Kolade explained that N220 million was spent on secretarial activities this year out of the one billion Naira allocated to the committee.

The chairman noted that funds allocated to the committee for project execution was N180 billion, representing 42 per cent of the partial subsidy removal.

He added that the remaining 54 per cent goes to the state and Local Governments, stressing that the Federal Government had predetermined the projects to be executed by the committee before its inauguration.

“At inauguration, all that will happen this year has been predetermined and the members lack the power to choose projects,” he said. He, however, assured that the committee’s major agenda was to make life better for ordinary Nigerians.