“If Fashola Still Smokes Despite Warnings, Then Okada Riders Have A Right To Operate” – NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) headquarters in Lagos on Monday, came short of a war front, as Motorcycle (Okada) riders encountered armed policemen, causing gridlock on the Yaba-Ojuelegba road

Apparently acting on orders, the policemen surrounded the NLC building, take-off point of the protest. This however did little to deter the organisers, Joint Action Front (JAF), as they remained adamant, saying they needed no permit to hold a peaceful rally. As tension grew, the police who were already overwhelmed by the gathering, called for reinforcement from nearby stations. Four of the people distributing leaflets among the crowd were later arrested, an action which further angered the protesters. Protesting further against the obstruction of the rally, JAF Secretary, Comrade Abiodun Aremu, told the police team thus “If Fashola still smokes despite warnings that tobacco smokers are liable to die young; motorbike operators also have a right to continue their operations with provided warnings that bike passengers are liable to be injured in an accident”.


  1. The NLC has not made a reasonable point by comparing Fashola’s smoking habit with Okada riders’ habit of recklessness on the highways. He, Fashola is endangering his life by smoking while the Okada riders endanger not only their lives but also the lives of the passengers who ride with then simultaneously by their recklessness. NLC, try to be reasonable. Thanks.

  2. This is absolute rubbish. What has smoking tobacco got to do with Okada ban. It’s only a Health tip/advice to quit smoking thus it’s left for the individual to decide. The traffic law has made it’s stance with regards to Okada movement which must be complied with

  3. GOSH !!!…pls be reasonable. Personal habit and public safety are not the same thing. It is not against the law to smoke,but it is only in public places as it is a nuisance and you could get arrested. Same with commercial motorcycles. If its 4 personal use on the unrestricted roads,no problem bt 4 commercial uses on the restricted roads,u get arrested.#shikena#if he smokes,he dies,it his life and personal choice and not a valid basis 4 an argument.and where did d secretary get the information 4rm in d 1st place?

  4. To all of you who said that the NLC’s statement is rubbish and irresponsible, l have this question for you:

    Don’t you know that smoking endangers the life of everybody especially the people that are there who are not the actual smoker….???????

    Why is smoking in the public legal in Nigeria but Okada which is a legal and responsible means of livelihood is being banned in most cities in Nigeria…?

    Has the police ever arrested or harrassed any smoker because of the health threats they are posing to the public?

    Save me your lie-coated reasons…,
    Okada banning in Nigeria is and will ever be an injustice meted against the poor.