Igala Kingdom Gets New Attah

A new paramount ruler for Igala kingdom traditional council has emerged. He is Mr. Idakwo Micheal Ameh – the son of the former Attah of Igala, late Ameh Oboni.  The appointment of Mr. Idakwo was announced by the Igala Traditional Council.

Former Attah Of Igala: Dr. Aliyu Obaje
Former Attah Of Igala: Dr. Aliyu Obaje

The new ruler emerged after he was unanimously elected by the Igala Mela kingmakers and the Achadu Ata.

The acting Head of Igala area traditional council, who is also the Ejeh of Ankpa, Alhaji Yakubu Amodu said the nominee of the council has already been submitted to Governor Idris Wada for ratification, stressing that all documents pertaining to the nominee was before the governor for endorsement and pronouncement.

The stool became vacant after the death of late Alhaji Aliyu Obaje in July 2012, which prompted the king makers and Achadu Ata to commence the process of selection which finally elected Idakwo Ameh Oboni from the Ocholi lineage as the 22nd Ata Igala.


  1. Agaba Idu ! Finally it has been annouced.Abo mi Igala mee gba oh! I have known the choice any way as a member of the Family of king makers. May Attah Idakwo live long to fulfill all Attah Ameh Oboni could not do,due to his untimely death.

  2. May God Almigthy guide you & give you wisdom to rule Igala pple Idakwo Michael Oboni.
    Long life Igala pple
    Long life kogi state
    Long life Nigeria

  3. GABAIDU THE NEW ATTA OF IGALA KINGDOM.Idakwo micheal Ameh oboni,May almighty give u power to rule igala land,and as frm dis time igala son and daughter can make boast,pround,brag,on you.long live igala land long live kogi state and Nigeria at large

  4. Gabaidu the new Attah of Igala Kingdom, Any average Igala should be glad at your emergence as the paramount ruler of our dear land 2night. Long live Igala land, long live Kogi state. GABAIDU once more Attah.

  5. All hail Attah Igala, Agabaidu Idakwo Ameh-Oboni! May your reign be long and prosperous! May the stool of your fathers wax ever greater under your care, and may we your subjects prosper, like our king! Ojogwa Attah: Gabaidu!

  6. Gabaidu,may ur day longer.may God giv u wisdom as he gav solomon 2 mak ur igala wak up from our mistak.long liv kogi state,long liv nigeria

  7. Garba-idu The New Atta Of Igala Mr Idako Michael Oboni, May God Give U Power To Rure The Great Igala Land. May U Live Long More Than The Late Atta Of Igala That Pass On .long Live Igala Land, Long Live Gar_ba_idu, Long Live Kogi State, Long Live Nigeria At Large.

  8. Gabaidu , Finaly God Has Done It, We All Igala Are Espeting Changes No More Poverty In Igala Land , Let There Be An Increase Of Love Among The Igalas Any Were Ther Fine ThemSvelf Long Life ;The New Attah Of Igala, Igala, Kogi State, Nigeria At Large

  9. Agabaidu HRM Michael Ameh Oboni, may ur days on igala throne witness peace, love, unity, development & prosperity.

  10. Gabaidu wolojile’oo, Ojokibeche ke figala fadama kpai ufedo,ojiwe kigbokakala, ofili ki kwugbo Ojo ki be jo, unyogba ki bojanewe ma chakaa, olafia ola ki mu denwu ogu we, kedonojokate, upkpahiuwn kate che be jo, wolojileoo onuka ge!

  11. Agabaidu of Igala kingdom, congratulation. May your days be long on your throne. May it bring love and unity to Igala people. I love u

  12. Gaba idu, may u live long. Ur ascendance 2 d throne of attah of igala, indicates dat gud things r abt happenin 2 us indigenes. I ve always detested comin 2 kogi state bcos of som unscrupulous elements impeding development in kogi state, bt with ur ascendant 2 d throne am in lokoja nw hopin 2 contribute my quota 2 kogi in general. GOD bless ATTAH nd KOGI in general, amen

  13. We are happy that you finally emerge as Atta. We want peace, justice, Fairness and fear of God to prevail as you assume as the 22nd Atta. I pray, god protection over you.

  14. Ga’a’baidu may ur day be long as u emerge d throne . May ur administration change d life of igalas and nigeria in general positvely ameen .Ga abaidu

  15. Ga’a’baidu may ur days be long as u emerge d throne . I’m so convinced that ur administration will change d life of igalas and nigeria in general positvely ameen .Ga abaidu u are too much. Am happy for u.long life gabaidu! Long life kogi!!long life nigeria!!!

  16. Ojo gwata ami deju micheal idakwo u are the choice of igala ur coming to the palace we need change we nees development for our land it have be a long time that we are waiting for u welcome to ur father palace ,long life for all igala kingdom long life for agaba idu long life for governor of kogi state long life for all nigeria

  17. Abomi Igala awola ojile oooooo! There is time 4everything on earth and this is the time for Igala land to take its rightful place. Wola ule! Agabaidu Attah Idakwo Michael Ameh Oboni(GAAABAIDU),”oma ekpe ki ya koji iye ekpe”may God grant you the wisdom to lead the Igalas to the promised land. We welcome you with an open heart. CONGRATULATIONS.

  18. Gaaabaidu! D Attah of Igala. May God give u d ability, strienght, wisdom n knowlege 2 rule ur subject in Igala kigdom! Whishig u long life as u carry d tax ahead of u. Gaaaba-Idu!

  19. The new Attah, the son of Ameh Oboni, you are the Iroko tree we have been especting nd we knew you will lead us to next level. God will lead nd protect you throughout your tenure in the office. God bless kogi, Igala nd Nigreia as whole.

  20. Congratulation the new attah of igala, may almighty God grant you long life and prosperity. Long live igala land! long live kogi state!! Long live Nigeria!!!

  21. Congrats Igala kingdom the incoming Attah is the man needed to transform igala kingdom. He definately will do what no man has done. Long live the attah ,Long live Igalas ,Long live the kogites.

  22. Gabaidu, may your coming brig us change in igala lands, development has been our major challenge and our attitude towards each must also change so we can enjoy relationship with each other alongside these development. Igala must see Igala and receive him or her not denying identity when we see ourselves. Long live Attah of Igala, long live igala race and long live Kogi state.

  23. achadu Oko Ata is the correct title, not Achadu Ata. The two does not represent the same thing. Please correction should be effected. Thanks. Ocholi E. Odekina


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