In Celebration Of Christ’s Birth And The Need For A Sober Reflection!

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Raymond Nkannebe
Nkannebe Raymond is a Lawyer and an essayist with addictive interest in Nigerian and African politics. Believing in the power of the pen, he intends to contribute to governance through articles and commentaries that serve to keep government on their foot. He hopes to publish a collection of his essays soon, and possibly delve into legal fiction as God permits him.

Nativity_tree2011And she wrapped him in swaddling clothes and placed him in a manger because there was no place for them in the Inn”- LUKE Chp. 2 V 7
The year 2012 is only but inches away before it bids us goodbye or are we the ones supposed to be doing the goodbye thing here? Well, whichever way it turns out to be, one thing is unrivaled and that is, few days from now, we shall be writing ’13 as against the ’12 we have always known as the last two digits of our calendar dates whenever we fill that bank cheque, whenever we shall be filing that registration form and so it goes ad-infinitum.

Quite luckily enough or maybe by the accidents of history, the close of every Gregorian calendar year coincides with that period, Christians all over the world, observe the birth of Jesus Christ, whom they believe propagated the Christian faith and also the savior prophesied long before his birth by the prophets. Today, as is always the tradition, that day is come again, and we are made testimonies to its anniversary by virtue of us, yes, you the reader and I, the writer being alive to witness and observe yet another of the nativity of the Child Jesus.

Today, as we run the streets of our diverse metropolis, while we hit that dial fixing that appointment which we envisage making this season worth the while, while we spend those hard earned cash as though we have no need for the rainy days, let us also take a time out for sober reflection and to ponder on the reason for this season. Centuries ago, the baby Jesus was born in far away Bethlehem, as we commemorate this divine birth that has defined our lives today, let us lay emphasis on the state of our nation. Let us pray for this geographical accident sitting on the edge of a precipice. Let us look deeper into ourselves to seek the solutions to those problems that have today set our world into a terror zone. While we drink from that cup of wine, how about we turn thoughts to the victims of terror that litter our immediate environment and the world at large today?

Some days ago, young and vibrant children from diverse homes, wonderful kids innocent by whatever name it is called were made victims of a massacre from a trigger happy lad who at the close of his devilish act took his own life in far away Connecticut in the United States of America and one is left wondering what our world is becoming at the birth of each new day? Our world today, have become a home we no longer want to habite, the things that should bind us together, have become the things that has left us divided, man has grown so wild to become too quick to violence. Mankind has dominated herself to the injury. In the guise of misconceived liberalism, we have allowed our taste of freedom to become the reason we are today, overwhelmed by the duo of physical and social violence.

The greatest of sins, have been redefined by man in parliament into a virtue, we have chosen to write our Laws dissuading those handed to man many years ago in the Ten Commandments. Lesbianism, gay-marriage and other social vices and anathema, we have allowed in our societies in the guise of liberalism and those yet to entrench this ‘new good’ are put in a sharp corner where the only feasible option left to them, is being a part of the ‘madness’. It is with no surprise that the consequences and the boomerang are already over us and stares us in the face. We need not look out of ourselves, to be told that the world we before now enjoyed have become a place we are scared of occupying for fear of the unknown.

As of today, global peace is threatened, the middle-East will never see reasons with the West, Islam is pitched against Christianity and for me, unfortunately enough, the only thing I can see, is a build up to another World War. God forbid it ever happens but I doubt the stage for that is not already set. All that is left extant is who is going to ‘ignite’ this ‘flame ‘that is going to engulf us? Who is willing to go that un -crowded extra mile that risks leaving us overwhelmed? Questions, whose answers I am afraid to ever know of.

Iran, Syria, Somalia, Mali, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Sudan, Nigeria……. Oh! Must I continue this count? I guess I mustn’t. The aforementioned countries are today, a shadow of their former selves. Victims of violence and war have littered their concentration camps for problems not to be separated from love for power by leaders who have failed to understand the purpose of leadership. The quest to do evil at the lowest cost has become articles of faith waiting to receive the divine conferment. As parents, we have failed our children and as children, we have all betrayed and abandoned this social and spiritual obligation of ours to our parents and society. We have all gone our separate ways and the machinery of society; we have by our acts and omissions eroded. Therefore, in the spirit of this season, we must all go back to that drawing board and start this journey anew.

Human and natural disasters, that prick ones imagination, have today become the order of the day in our world and I hope I am not the only one seeing all these as a punishment for our recklessness by He that knows and has it all? Flood almost swept us away 4 months ago; the shock and losses the victims are yet to get over. Insecurity here and there, human lives lost daily as though life has got duplicate, plane crashes on the prowl, road crashes becoming something close to a cliché oh! Our world is too much with us. As we celebrate, let us find time to recollect irrespective of creed differences.

In about a week, we shall greet the new-year, oh! Lord, May we never have another 2012; Amen. In the spirit of this season of advent, may our heart desires be granted and may we in a special way seek for the saving grace of the most High on Nigeria and our world at large. To those who have lost loved ones, during the period under review, May their souls R.I.P and to all those on the sick beds, may your burden be light. To the Islamic fundamentalists and all those laboring to be harbingers of violence this season and afterwards, may they receive the divine healing now and forever more Amen.

On a final note, Christmas from time immemorial, has always been a period of celebration but one more time, in our merriments, may we find time to ponder in sober reflection for our dear nation and world at large. All of us at informationnigeria wish you all our esteemed readers a warm Christmas celebration and a prosperous new-year in advance. God bless Nigeria.

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