Interesting: Sportsman Holds “dark spiritual forces” Responsible for the State of Sports in the Country

A retired Nigerian athlete and former African champion and national javelin record holder, Pius Bazighe has taken the dwindling fortunes of Nigerian sports to another dimension, when he declared that spiritual forces were behind maladministration in the country’s sports.

Currently a member of the Bayelsa State delegation to the National Sports Festival, Bazighe said that things have gone from bad to worst in all levels of sports administration. Bazighe, who simply cannot find another explanation for the declining state of the country’s sports said, “Otherwise, how can we explain the rot? We are here for the National Sports Festival, but where is the glamour, where is the competition that was there during our time?”

He continues: “All these things are happening because dark spiritual forces are at work. Right from the Federal to the State level things are not working… This is because the right people are not put in sports management. How can you appoint someone who read Agriculture as sports commissioner? But even if the right persons get there it seems spiritual forces turn their good intentions into evil… How do we rate some of our directors who have PHD in sports management yet our sports is camatose?

“We really have to do some deliverance if we have to revive our sports,” said athlete who represented Nigeria at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta USA. He also won an Africa Championships 1989 and All Africa Games 1995 gold. He set the current National record 80.08 in 1999.