Jonathan in 2015: Asari Dokubo Makes U-turn?

Dokubo-Asari-360x225Despite having, in recent past, openly supported a second term agenda for President Jonathan, come 2015, Niger Delta militant and leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteers Force, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has declared that President Goodluck Jonathan may not rule beyond 2015. Dokubo-Asari based this on the fact that the President had lost the support of his political stronghold-South/East and South/South, going by the result of the 2011 presidential election.

It will be recalled that the Ijaw activist had in March this year declared that Jonathan would occupy the Presidential Villa for eight years from 2011. But at a news briefing on Friday in Abuja, he made a U-turn and declared that it would be difficult for Jonathan to go beyond 2015 because of the ‘greedy’ people around him.

Dokubo said these people were responsible for the current rift between Jonathan and ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. According to him, “We have continued as Ijaw people and the entire Niger Delta and South-South to support President (Goodluck) Jonathan, but the time has come when silence cannot be golden. We must speak out on issues that are very critical for the survival of our people, the survival of the people of the South-South and the South-East, which is the political base of Jonathan.

“Jonathan is surrounded by very greedy people who are only in the Presidency to enrich themselves at the expense of the President himself… This brings us to another Kalabari proverb which says: ‘Where there are elders, a goat cannot be allowed to deliver while tied to a stick.’ If we don’t talk and we continue to brush it aside, tomorrow we will be blamed and people will say: ‘Mujahid Dokubo-Asari was around when Jonathan was President, and he didn’t talk;’ then I will be an accomplice and accessory after the fact.”

The militant leader, who said he had benefited from Jonathan, stressed that whatever benefit he had gained from the President was not enough to silence him.

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  • gej has actually succeeded in inflicting the hardest suffering on the people of Nigeria so far! nowadays people cannot even eat again! the money looted through fuel subsidy, pension scam, by governors and their relatives(Lamido), etc has been the most massive since history can remember and GEJ cannot even caution them, not to even talk of insecurity all over Nigeria!! while the common man has been reduced to a beggar in his own country, I honestly advice him to step down come 2015 to save what is left of his reputation. We need an Igbo candidate selected from the very best of Ndigbo now, the likes of Rochas, Oshiomole ( though not Igbo), should be considered.

  • It seems your pourse is getting dry that is the reason for this sudden u-turn.We know your type long ago. You only talk when you want to be settled. You are not the type of people that have Nigeria in their heart. You are birds of thesame feather with GEJ.

  • @Ladan I agree with you bkoz if we look very well you will find out asari is looking for a way to get more money from GEJ maybe bcoz the other so called bad advisers have pushed him aside. Choosing to work with a millitant is one of the worst decesions of gej and he will pay for it if not careful by his life one day one day. Come 2015 we will be wiser but whoever comes in must arrest gej and all his gang bcox they have looted all our money finish

  • The Devil You knw is better than the Angel you dnt Knw. Just Saying Oh. Bcoz Jonthan seemed 2 b d angel dat would rescue 9ja 4rom hardship and Poverty but as we can all see, we as a people are yet 2 be aliviated 4rom d sickness called poverty. Well d Long and short of it all 2 me oh is dat come 2015 my Vote Goes 2 Jonathan\Sambo again. Coz like I earlier said, “The Devil yu knw is better than d Angel yu dnt knw”

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