Kaduna Muslim Youths Celebrate Governor’s Death

Shocking as it may sound, and un-Nigerian it was, as some Kaduna residents were agog with celebration when the news of the death of Governor Yakowa filtered in from Bayelsa.


People in Kawo, Angwarimi, Tudun Wada Pawa, Angwan Dosa, Mararaban Rido, some parts of Zaria and other surrounding villages are having “a shocking but fanatics jubilating” and youths driving bikes recklessly as if its Sallah celebration.

All Mai shayi joints are full with smiling faces of people who are delighted in ignorance that a brother died, that a governor who have giving leadership his best, a man that in honestly have excelled more than any governor in the North today, simply because he is not one of us.

He is a Christian, and one of our own, a Muslim brother will replace him as the state new governor.

This is a big shame and quite embarrassing to an average God fearing Muslim, who is aware that life and death is only in the hands of Allah most compassionate. – Aliyu Bello.

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  • To really achieve the Nigeria we desire let us wake up and grow up let leave religious sentiments if not we may remain slaves in our own homes

  • Ignorance of religion in northern part of Nigeria. This shows that they no not about Islamic Religion in the north, is it found in the Qur’an or ahadith of the prophet if not why this? Pls if there is any fact I need it.

  • Wen u have an increasingly number of illiterates mixed wiv joblessness, dis is d outcome u get. “Verily every soul must taste death “. Northern leaders should pls educated dere youths more religiously cos dis act is a shameful 1 to d muslim community. Arrant nonsense

  • Well, let’s wait and see how their lives would change for the better as as result of a Christian Governor’s death.

  • Life and death is a common fate to both muslims & a xtians. We should live to b gud muslims & xtians;extend dis virtue to nön-adherents of our faiths.We are 1 ppl who hv 1 God.

  • This rprter must be stupidly instigating violence. I was in kdn yesterday & spent night there no such jubilation. After all even if they did is bcos he partipated in snatching thier mandate not bcos he is a xtian and I except more if it was Namadi.

  • The report of dis should be jailed cos he’s trying to cos chaos btw d 2 religion media Ppl are suppose to help in uniting the people not pointing fingers to a particular religion

  • Someone wrote something here and all the comments he gets are that of christians Vs muslims. But he actually said the truth. Those of us on twitter can confirm it based on what some ignorant people posted. A muslim lady who was mourning Yakowa was chastised by a fellow muslim cos ‘muslims should celebrate the death of a non-muslim’. Now is that right. I’m a christian and would never discriminate based on religion. People should be mourned or not mourned based on what their actions while alive and not based on what religion they chose to follow. PEACE

  • When Gen. Sani Abacha died In 1998 what was the atmosphere in Lagos and other Southwest Region ? When Musa Yar Adua died in 2010 what was the Atmosphere in Some South-South and South-East states ? Was it because the people of this regions are Ignorants or there was no Body to Report their Festivities ? One day of Freedom is better than 1 decade of oppression.

  • Hw dare u interrupt d net wt ur jangling mouths! A muslim wil olwys b hppy if islam got back it strength just as xtians. And if not, pls here is a qstn “were d xtians not happy when power return to them in d presidency? Though d made physical express of mourn when he died but dia hat is full of happinness. Long live islam the dominator.

  • Well said, but a point of correctn to ur coment. The dominator and persecuted religion (islam) does not approve for muslims to mourn dia enemy which ‘can’ seek 4 d president to pick namadi b’cos of d credit he will left bhind on d throne of d muslim’s hdqter so pls rethink again.

  • Those people that are rejoicing after Yakowa death are very stupid and they too are going to die one day and it has shown clearly that it is those who planned his death and thier own reward is coming very soon

  • This is nonsense, this guy must be insane. How on earth can one celebrate the death of his leader? haba! what pleasure did you derive in trying to fuel the ember of chaos and ethno-religious crises in this part of the world? Every living soul must test the bitterness of dead, even if they celebrate as you claimed, God will judge them and also judge you for rising tension in this forum… We believe in united KD. and Nigeria. Fear God Aliyu Bello, if not, you and infomation Nigeria will begin to see the consequences of this your arrant nonsense before you die and meet God. So you better apologise.

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