Kindergarten Death: Victim’s Parents Demand N2b From Bishop Oyedepo

The General Overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has been asked to pay N2 billion within 14 days as general damages or face legal action, for the death of three-year-old Imienfan Omokaro who got drowned at Kingdom Heritage Model School operated by Winners Chapel in Benin.

Late Imiefan Omokaro

A letter written by Omokaro’s Counsel, Prince Peter E. Uwadiae-Igbinigie and, dated November 28, 2012 and made available to journalists in Benin, explained that the amount was “for the callous and senseless killing of our client’s daughter, Miss Imienfan Omokaro.”

Mr Omokaro’s lawyers also want Kingdom Heritage Model School to publish its apology in three national newspapers, warning that if the demands were not met within 14 days, “we have the irrevocable instructions of our client to commence legal action against the school (Kingdom Heritage Model School) and Church (Winners Chapel) without any further correspondence from this Chambers.”

Imienfan Omokaro, a KG I pupil of Kingdom Heritage Model School, was said to have drowned in a drum of water in a toilet in the school on November 1, 2012.

Teachers of the school allegedly did not inform her mother when she came to pick her from school on that fateful day until late in the evening.

Reports say the school authorities and Winners Chapel had kept the girl for more than an hour, praying for her before finally taking her to Irowa Hospital in Benin, where she was confirmed dead.

The doctors disclosed the girl had died long before being brought to hospital.


  1. Had it happened in there home,who would they have sued for 2 billion? Is that what there child is worth to them? The church can pay but after they collect the money will they buy another child? Let it go God knows best.

    • What are you saying? So they should give the school a pat on the back because it belongs to a church? If it happens to you, you can do that. Such a thing would never have happened in her home. The church or school must take responsibility. As they wasted time praying for the girl why didn’t they raise her up?

    • Some people still know their rights. You think everyone is like you who have sold your soul, life and rights to a mere man call Bishop? The life of that innocent child is better than any Bishop if you don’t know. Was Oyedepo not invited to see late Yar’adua when he was sick? When he came out of the presidential residence did he have the courage to tell Nigerias what he saw? If Elijah was living in our times and was invited will Yar’adua have died? Bishop my boot, I challenge him, if he to come and pray let the child come back to life if he truely serves God.

      • You talk like someone from d pit of hell!
        Why talk of a man of God like that and who are you to judge,not that you leave a better life,if books should b opened your sins and lifestyle would be worse than 100 bishops put together, please watch what you say and don’t incure curses on yourself and your innocent generations.Bishop David Oyedepo is one of the most respected men of God in the World and he doesn’t need to say anything because God has taken charge already. As for the parents of the child,I feel their pain, such accidents do happen in schools daily, its unfortunate that it has to be their child. As for their N2b ‘race’ I wish them a gold medal.

  2. All of you saying they are looking for a way to get money are very very crazy and fish brained!! Why should they not rush her to hospital immediately?? Did not even the bible say faith without work is useless?? Nigerians are so dumb! Is the so called bishop god? Why shouldn’t they sue him?in other civilized society he will be sued because he is the owner of the church that operates the school! Maybe God should visit all of you with the same tragedy so you will know how it is to lose a child! Good for nothing retarded faggots!oyedepo ass kissers!

    • @deji ur d cheapest fool in balogun mkt,@ vandarat or whatever ur a local.crush cos champion is better. U bought r d newest hippotamus in town. Nigeria is this, nigeria is that address the issue nd stop talking abt nigeria u dey call deji u aint ashamed to abuse nigeria, talk abt d issue at hand nd nt nigeria state ur opinion nd bounce.

  3. @van Nigerians are the worst set of people in the world. I can’t believe the comments here?I support the prayer that God should curse those carelessly comenting here to lose their child in similar way so they wil understand the pain. Let him and the school be sued! Prayer instead of hospital first, ha!

  4. For d teachers n co 2 av hid d in4mation frm d mother means dey wer of dubious n questionable xters, how cud God ansa deir prayers, wat shud av bn done; dey shd av taken d gal 2 a hospital while d rest prayed in schl, d bible says “wisdom is profitable 2 direct”…if sueing wud bring some degree of com4t 2 dem, y not!…buh i dnt fnk is outrightly right…

  5. This case is negligence of duty resulting to death. D unfortunate parents lost a precious child and decided 2 seek redress in court either 2 guard against future reoccurence or get monetary compensation which is a right of all Nigerians. Moreso, Bishop Oyedepo happens 2 be head of d church that owns Kingdom Heritage where d girl drowned, has right of fair hearing & appeal. Why are some fools castigating parents & lawyer exercising their constitutional rights? I sympathise with d aggrieved parents & pray God to grant d soul of d girl eternal rest. Amen

  6. what are guys writing, i am in support of the action of the parent, they were praying for a drowned girl. they should have rushed her first to hospital before praying for her. do you know the school could be held for manslaughter, i know a drowned person don’t die immediately, she would first be unconscious and at that point, a proper first aid treatment would have resuscitated they actually know what to do in the case of drowning. this is really annoying to me, because people would start bringing in sentiments due to the nature of the school. the school should first of all explain in details to the parent of the kid what happen to their child, and if the parent smell any foul play, they should push on with their suit. people should be held responsible for their action

  7. For what its worth I submit that some people who have put up their comments here worship that man Oyedepo more than God himself. If I were the parents I would blow this scandal out of proportion and make sure that the church is closed down for life. Maybe it is only when that is done that victims from other money making church corporations will come out to tell their own stories.

  8. Abeg, hw d pikin take enter drum of water? I believe such a school should have someone watching over the babies, the assistant teacher should have taken d child to the toilet cos a three year old baby cannot clean her bum bum herself neither flush d toilet if there is no water in d flusher….. May her soul rest in peace and may God comfort the parents.

  9. Some Nigerian’s are so senseless that they keep donating to these richmen in churches. A hungry man will come out from no where, but before you see him again he will be on television promising old women husbands that they do no merit, young women life partners when they can’t even maintain a relationship and congregations prosperity without hardwork. If you own a private or more then N2b is a chicken fee. With Bokoharam killing and maiming their congregations one would have thought that these business men in churches who make money in the name of God would have been of assistance, but no. Every Sunday the same souls will go and donate in the name of pastors offering and sowing seed that which they have not, enriching these fake pastors with private jets in a nation with no meaningful infrastructural development. Is Xmas and many will troop to Otta for their yearly journey and the pastor will fly in a jet or helicopter and seeds will be reaped out of the congregation for A380 this time around. Well, remain a watchman.

  10. Hmmm. The parents are not wrong for seeking redress.
    It will not bring their baby back but it will be the start
    Of closure for their pains. Being a mum myself I really go
    Numb with pain when I imagine what her mum is going thru. Christ
    So there re no guidelines for this schools? Kindergarten without
    Nannies to help the kids with their business?
    Poor child she really suffered. .painic,lack of air,etc
    Let’s be humans and call together for some form of reparation pls

  11. Let all have fèar of God.bishop is in lagos and d incident is in benin,ofcourse u own d school but there are people on d hèád of affair in benin.may d lord be wit d mother

  12. Patrick, b careful on hw u judge & condemn ppl. D parents hv d rite 2 sue bt in everytin we shuld learn 2giv tanks 2 God, sum askd y bishop was unable 2 bring her bak 2life, well, d bible says dere’s tym 4everytin incase we’v 4goten. We beta watch our tongues in oda nt 2 incure course. May God comfort d family. Uk22

  13. As for me I support what the parents of the child are doing cos its so painful to lose a child and beside this will serve as a lesson to the school for God seek what were they thinking to allow a kid to go to d toilet by her self, this is wickedness God hv mercy. this is exactly wat I would hv done. Then donate half of d money to charity.


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