Lagos–Ibadan Expressway: Jonathan Receives Kudos

For his decision to terminate and withdraw the concessionaire agreement with Bi-Courtney on the Lagos–Ibadan expressway due to poor handling of the project, President Goodluck Jonathan has been commended by a group – The People Democratic Party’s Core Supporters Network.

The group noted that the action clearly showed that the president was concerned about the welfare, safety and security of the people. The chairman of the group, Chief Rafiu Idowu Odewale, while speaking on the project in Abuja, alleged that Bi-Courtney merely played politics with the project.

Odewale further alleged that the firm clearly demonstrated inability and incapability to turn the road into the modern network it agreed in the bond. According to him, the company merely patched and filled the potholes and craters on the road. In his words, “we commend President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage and concern for the welfare, safety and security of the people, to terminate and withdraw the concessionaire agreement given to Bi-Courtney over the Lagos – Ibadan Expressway.

“This is because a large number of innocent lives have been lost on the road in the last three years due to politics being played by the company… I praise the president’s action and courage. I also observe that he dealt with the situation patiently and allowed rule of law to take its course before he took action to terminate the deal.”

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