Lost Ikea Monkey Wearing Coat And Diaper Held By Canadian Authorities

lost Ikea monkey

A stylishly dressed five-month old monkey that caused a frenzy as it wandered around the parking lot of a Toronto-area Ikea store will be transferred to a sanctuary, officials said on Monday.

Police were called to the furniture store on Sunday afternoon in Canada’s most populous city after the monkey broke loose from its cage and began running around a parking area.

One witness, Bronwin Page, said the animal, identified as a male Rhesus macaque, looked scared as it scurried between the ever growing crowd of people.

“We quickly realized it was a monkey wearing a coat and a diaper,” Page told CBC radio. “That was pretty bizarre.”

The owners surrendered the monkey, named Darwin, to authorities, who will donate the animal to an area primate sanctuary.

“He appears to be in good health,” Toronto Animal Services supervisor Mary Lou Leiher told reporters. [Reuters]

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