Majek Fashek: “I can’t Stop Using Cocaine’

Majek Fashek said in intervew: “People must talk. But they make you popular; that’s the truth. You cannot fight the press, you cannot fight the media. They are the ones that will tell people what is going on, so I cannot fight the media. They said I’m crazy, I use cocaine. Well I still use cocaine. I dey blow my nose, I dey smoke my igbo. As I speak to you, I have cocaine in my pocket and in my house. I still dey use am. I can’t stop. How will you play music with a ‘normal eye’? You can’t be a good musician playing without getting high. Pastors dem dey high too. The truth is that you can’t be on the human level and give the message. The humans are looking up to you, so you must be super- human to live up to their expectations.”




  1. Majek needs our prayers. Take it or leave it, Majek is one of the greatest musicians we have in Nigeria and we need to understand he is up against forces that pull down. We owe it to him to pray as we hope that those that get close to him would be credible vessels that can minister to the man in him.


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