“Many Northern, Southern Politicians Will Die In Plane Crashes Next Year” – Prophet

Prophet/ Pastor Olusegun Emmanuel Olumegbon of the Redemption Church of Christ and Evangelical Mission, Abuja has prophesied that many prominent northern and south-south political players will die in air mishaps next year just as the Islamist sect, Boko Haram would strike again in the New Year.

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According to the cleric, it can only be averted if Nigerians would fast and pray between seven and 14 days so that God will dissolve the bombs himself.

The preacher noted that the Goodluck/Sambo government has committed so many atrocities that even prostitution has taken over the country because members of the National Assembly continue to patronize them.

Olumegbon predicted that Boko Haram would bomb many crude oil pipelines, adding that two prominent traditional rulers and three great Nigerians would also die in 2013.

The prophet said that a part of the country will break out.

He urged Nigerians to listen to the former Head of States, General Yakubu Gowon and as well advise President Jonathan to focus on power generation so that Nigerians will love his government.

“The Lord spoke to me seven days ago that the present government has committed so many sinful acts and that the reason there is prostitution in Nigeria is because most of the members of Houses of Assembly and House of Representatives are very corrupt.

He said: “The Lord said that President Goodluck Jonathan should fight more against the Boko Haram issue. The Lord has sent an ark of angels to protect him. Though his regime cannot eliminate Boko Haram completely, he should make a great mark.

“A Bible will be handed over to the president in the dream, says the Lord, signifying power over Boko Haram. They will all be revealed here in Nigeria and abroad.

“Governor Rauf Aregbesola should not allow the gods of Osun to penetrate the white spirit that God gave him.

“Again, I saw a vision of a plane crash and it involved some prominent people from the North and South-South. The mother of a prominent governor will pass on. I saw two Obas and three prominent men pass on before March 2013. It could be averted through prayer.

“The Lord showed me a powerful Babylonian Kingdom which collapsed. 2013 will be the greatest and remarkable year because many lecturers in universities would be exposed and sacked. Parents, please stand firm to fight for your children’s freedom in the universities.

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is not a demon. The Lord showed him to me as a chosen person and people should respect and support him. He has more things to do for this nation,” he said.

“The Lord sent me to Ebenezer Obey that he should go back to full time evangelism. Please, stop public function and concentrate on full time ministration because the time is very short,” he said.


  1. Dont mind this criminal. He ran away from lagos to abuja thinking he wil make it there. I wil soon make a detail publication to expose him.

  2. u shouldn’t tell the man of God what to do with the Lord of god giving to him , after all u can’t talk to ur imam like that , u muslims should learn to respect and value other religions, u have caused a lot of havoc to nigerian unity and existence , im talking to you Rukayyatu Adamu

  3. Well he has done was he believed he is supposed to do, now its left for us Nigerians to pray for Nigeria, even if it is as little as the Lords Prayer in aid of our country.

  4. I thank God for ‘exposing’ OBJ. People usually label those they can not handle a witch! Even with the big God behind them only a few men of God has the boldness of OBJ. Moreover he’s not moved by all the -ve publicity about him! Still a lot 2 learn from this goliat.

  5. Hmmmmm.. So short of words. I presume end time is near. The summary of all is that we all should pray for our beloved country irrespective of your religion. And let’s have this in mind that NIGERIA is far better than some foreign.

  6. Na woa ooo, for this prophet o. This one of the miliki pastors who thinks likiliki comes by cheap popularity. The man prediction is obscured, so head or tail it will come to pass. First we know that top politicians will die, as would doctors and lawyer, death can come to anyone at anytime no matter who u are. Then we know that anyone that dies must either be from the north or south not Togo. And nobody needs any prophecy to know that as long as things are run the way it is in this country planes will always fall from the sky. Pastor pls there are still sensible people who can see between ur hunger.

  7. with prayers and commitment to God’s will At all time.this will not happen. fellow Nigerians, let pray seriously for our county Nigeria and God wound not let it happen in Jesus Name. God save Nigeria and its people.


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