Mom Finds Seven Deadly Snake In 3 Year Old Son’s Wardrobe

A three-year-old boy had a lucky escape after his mother found a box of seven deadly snakes in his wardrobe.


Kyle Cumming had found the snake eggs in his garden in Townsville in Queensland, Australia and was given a takeaway container to put them in.

Several weeks later his mother Donna Sim was shocked when she opened the bedroom wardrobe to discover the box full of recently hatched eastern brown snakes – the world’s second deadliest species.

Wildlife carers said Kyle was very fortunate as his mother discovered the eastern brown snake babies before he took them out to play or before the hatchlings had grown strong enough to push open the lid by themselves.

Ms Sim said she had given Kyle the takeaway container when he found the eggs but had not thought more of it until she found the snakes in her son’s bedroom.

‘I was pretty shocked, particularly because I don’t like snakes,’ she said.

The family took the snakes to a local sanctuary where they were released back into the wild.

The eastern brown snake is widely considered the second most venomous snake in the world, behind the inland taipan.

They are common in Australia and are responsible for a majority of lethal snake bites recorded in the country.



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