My Wedding Is Coming Soon – Dbanj


Following on the heels of his admission on Tyme Out With Tee-A that he is not single, the Kokomaster has revealed his ideal type of woman and emphatically declared that he is not under any form of pressure from his parents to get married. Hear him:

“I believe there is someone for everyone. So there must be a Miss Right somewhere for me, but let’s not go about breaking people’s heart. I will get married when it is God’s time. The month, year or date is what I cannot disclose for now. Let’s just put it this way; my wedding is coming soon.

“I want my well-wishers to guess if she is going to be a Nigerian or foreigner. However, the most important thing to me is to marry a woman who will not fry my heart for supper, lunch or breakfast.

“I am not under any pressure from my parents to get married and start producing children. I am fortunate in the sense that my parents know too well as much as I do that marriage is not something a man and a woman should rush into; the couple have to be emotionally compatible and spiritually ready to live under the same roof for the rest of their lives and be fully committed to each other through thick and thin.”


  1. hummmmmmmm! celebrities are so unpredictable and controversial at d end of d day he ends up fryin d girls hrt for supa breakfast nd lunch. lets c ooh! xoxo.


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