New Superstition: Boy Who Celebrated His 12th Birthday at 12 Midnight on 12:12:12 is the Antichrist


Yes, it is no longer Barack Obama. As some already know, the American President had been recently fingered as the “Antichrist” by some people for some reasons best known to them. However, there is apparently a new candidate for the post!

Well, the number 12 has been a recurring figure in young Kiam Moriya’s life. Thus, it had been noted that when he turns 12, the whole world would be watching! The Alabama boy – who loves Krispy Kreme donuts and BMX biking – was born at 12:12 p.m. on December 12, 2000.

His twelfth birthday fell on Wednesday, 12/12/12. And his father had this to say: “We’ve joked around that he’s the chosen one,” Kiam’s father, Kazuo Moriya, told While some say his son is lucky, others fear the boy is a sign of a pending apocalypse. “There are these weirdoes out there online, all these doomsday people, saying he needs to be killed and that he’s the Antichrist,” Moriya said. “We’re trying to tone it down because it’s a little freaky. It’s just a fun little story.”

The numerically bizarre date has swept the nation into frenzy, as luck-seekers scoop up lottery tickets and couples seek marriage licenses to wed on Wednesday. Real weirdoes, isn’t it? No wonder nothing will come out of their stories!


Source: NY Daily News