Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) Calls Emergency over Helicopter Crash that Killed Yakowa

yakowaThe thirty-six state governors of the country, under the aegis of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) will on Monday, hold an emergency meeting in Abuja. According to the Vanguard the meeting is to enable the governors deliberate and take a position on the death of Kaduna state governor, Patrick Yakowa who died on Saturday in an helicopter crash.

Meanwhile, the NGF in a statement issued on Sunday, described Yakowa’s death as a huge loss to Nigeria and Kaduna State, just as it urged the aviation authorities to work harder at making flying safer and easier in Nigeria.

The statement reads: “We also urge the relevant authorities to periodically overhaul and maintain our law enforcement facilities and equipment. The governors also mourned the former National Security Adviser, NSA, Owoye Azazi and others. According to them, “it is unfortunate that these six distinguished and remarkable Nigerians passed on at a time our country needed their invaluable services most. Their exit is no doubt a monumental loss to our nation.

“We pray God to give the families of the departed, and indeed all Nigerians, the fortitude to bear this great loss. May the soul of these great sons of our country, Nigeria, rest in perfect peace… The Nigeria Governors’ Forum, NGF, hereby commiserates with the families of Governor Patrick Yakowa, General Andrew Azazi their aides, Dauda Tsoho and Mohammed Kama; and the pilots, Murtala Daba and Adeyemi Sowole, who died in Saturday’s ill-fated helicopter crash.

“We also condole with the people of Kaduna and Bayelsa States over this tragic incidence that has again thrown our country into mourning… We are pleased that the President has ordered an investigation into the accident. While we await the outcome of the investigation, our thoughts and prayers remain with the families, friends and associates of our departed patriots at this trying time… We hope the aviation authorities will work harder at making flying safer and easier in our country. We also urge the relevant authorities to periodically overhaul and maintain our law enforcement facilities and equipment.”

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  • It is quite unfortunate tragic and unthinkable! It is important that the Committee incharge of the investigation carries out this task with high sense of diligence without being economical with sacred facts This will help unravel and implicate the lacuna that resulted into this avoidable tragedy My heart goes out to these families their well wishers to Governors Forum and indeed all Nigerians

  • The response to this scale of tragedy should not be in fits and jerks. We are not in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM were, though all animals are ‘equal’, certain animals are ‘more equal’ than others.
    Our Governors must not make a scandal out of a tragedy with a hypocritical display of noisy emotion for one of their dead. How much of this concern or attention have these leaders given to the barbaric massacre of Igbos by awusas? What succor have been provided for survivors, widows and orphans created by awusa maniacal rage? What concerted effort have they made to expose and interdict members who have replaced the so-called constitution with sharia law, sponsor terror, and inspired islamic jihadist who kill and main THOUSANDS of Christians, even in their places of worship, who rape and loot property?
    Now, they will make a fanfare, run around the place in a pretentious showboating because A MORE EQUAL ANIMAL died in a plane crash, something they forgot to do after the DANA crash. Had they done their obligation to society and the roads safe and secure, Port Harcourt would be only about 20 minutes drive. But our ‘leaders’ and ‘governors’ choose to stay out of touch with both the grass-root society and realities. They overfly the inadequacies they create, as their personal comfort must have the right of way over the common good. Some have even boasted about how easily quickly and coolly they will spirit away in private jets to the safety of Ghana in the event of an “ARAB SPRING” type upheaval, leaving us -the poor- behind to stew and die in the boil, like bloodied baboons and dogs perhaps. It is a big, big shame. I blame us for giving our votes.

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