Nollywood Actor Orders Wife To Close Her Facebook Account

Some ‘sharp’ men have started taken measures to keep their wives out of the ‘many sins’ associated with the social media. One of such men is Nollywood actor, Charles Abazie.


The actor, who’s advance in age, got married to his Edo State-born lover, Beatrice, on Friday 2nd November, 2012, at her family compound in Benin City.

The crux however is that the actor doesn’t seem to trust his wife enough to allow her continue to fraternize with her “friends” on the social media.

Insider sources revealed that Charles, probably scared of loosing Beatrice like his former girlfriend to bad guys on the social media, ordered his new wife to take down her facebook account immediately.

And guess what? gathered that the wife had no choice for the sake of her marriage. Beatrice, according to records on the popular social networking site, have since closed her account.



  1. She truely place d importance of family first nd not claimin ryte with d husband knwin he is d head of d home nd dat it takes two to tangle, dis is pure example for women who cant bring demsef down in obedience


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