Obama’s Uncle Free To Stay In The US As He Wins Deportation Hearing

President Barack Obama’s uncle won a new deportation hearing in Massachusetts this week, 20 years after being ordered to leave the country.

Onyango Obama

Obama’s uncle’s deportation case was first opened in 1992, when Onyango Obama was ordered by an immigration judge to leave the US. Onyango is the half-brother of the President’s father, and is originally from Kenya. After he failed to renew an application in ’92, Onyango Obama appealed the court’s deportation decision.

The Washington Post reports that Obama’s uncle was initially deported due to a technical error. The elder Obama, 68, came to the United States as a teen in the 1960s to attend school.

The elder Obama came to the attention of US Immigration last year, after a drunk driving arrest brought to light his immigration status. Allegedly, Obama said he would call the White House after being arrested, but the office of the President claims no such call ever occurred. [VN]


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