Pranked! Gerard Pique And Shakira Pulled A Fast One On Becoming Parents

01This should arguably be the biggest prank coming from a celebrity couple this year – Shakira’s boyfriend, Gerard Pique earlier today, announced that the heavily pregnant singer had put to bed a baby boy but did not mention his name.

It turns out he pulled the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting members of the public. He wrote on Twitter, “@3gerardpique: Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thank you to everyone for your messages!”

However, today happens to be known as the ‘Day of the Innocents’ in Mexico and Spain – and Gerard Pique confirmed their prank was to celebrate the day when he wrote: “We have a name! His name is Innocent! Happy Innocents Day to all!”

The day is set aside annually to mark how Joseph and Mary tricked King Herod by sneaking baby Jesus out of Bethlehem before the slaughter of all new born male babies then on the orders of the King.