Presidency ‘Betrayed’ By Govs Over Crashed Chopper Probe

The insistence by the Nigeria Governors’ Forum’s on playing a role in the investigation into Saturday’s helicopter crash which claimed the lives of Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, former National Security Adviser Andrew Azazi and four others in Bayelsa State, has jolted the Presidency.

Crashed Navy Helicopter
Crashed Navy Helicopter

The NGF, in a communique after its emergency meeting in Abuja on Monday, apart from demanding a role in the probe into the crash, also resolved to hire the services of a consultant to be part of the investigation.

A presidential source, who spoke on condition of anonymity on Tuesday, said the Presidency was not comfortable with the demand.

He said, “The thinking within the Presidential Villa is that the governors are not helping the Federal Government.

“The Presidency is of the opinion that the governors are even inciting Nigerians against the Federal Government and asking them not to have faith in what we do as a country.

“I must tell you that the Presidency felt betrayed by the statement and I think the President would say so anytime he meets with the governors.

“The import of the statement, according to government thinking, is that if the governors can’t believe in what the Federal Government does, how can ordinary Nigerians do?”

When asked if the Federal Government would succumb to the demand of the governors, the source said the Presidency was in a dilemma over the issue.

The source said, “If the Federal Government says no, it may be interpreted to mean that it has something to hide. If it says yes, it may also anger the military, whose helicopter crashed.”

The governors had called for thorough investigation and openness into the air crash.



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