Raw Talent Not Enough To Succeed In Music – Djinee

Music has become so lucrative in Nigeria, so much that everyone who could get hold of a mic wants to sing. This is one of the reasons why we have some bad music ruining the airwaves today. Thank God we still have artistes who do music not only for the money, but are also passionate about it; they are the ones who still make us want to stay close to our radio when the tunes come on.


Co-owner of Kreazivity music, Osayamwen Nosa Donald, popularly known as Djinee is endowed with a unique and captivating voice. He’s one of the good ones who still work very hard at making good music.

Djinee who recently released a pre-album said he was motivated by his fans that had been yearning to hear new songs from him.

“I had my fans in mind when I made the decision,” Djinee told Youthful Vibes. “They’ve been yearning for my sound for so long, so why starve them with only a hit single when I can give them 5 songs at once. Ultimately, the album will come out sometime next year and there’ll be songs that will keep them dancing and others that will inspire them, hopefully. I am working towards making it a thorough job.”

Djinee believes seeing many youths turning into music than crime shows there’s hope for the country in music.

He however advised that young people should “Pray. Have a passion for what you want to be in life. Read, it adds depth. Know more about whatever your calling is. Raw talent isn’t enough, be happy doing it.”