SARS To Be Overhauled By IG Following November Attack

The Police Mobile Force popularly called MOPOL is to be repositioned in order to restore its lost glory and this according to the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar.


From indications, this move follows last month’s attack on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad detention facility in Abuja which reportedly embarrassed the police top brass as the riot policemen on guard were over-powered by the gunmen that stormed the place.

Speaking during a meeting with PMF squadron commanders in Abuja on Tuesday, Abubakar said he would tackle the incidence of corruption, illegal duties and other vices in the unit.

He also pledged to focus on retraining and capacity building for the officers and men of the PMF.

While expressing the Nigeria Police’s determination to confront the security crisis and human rights abuses in the country, the IG said, “Gone are the days when you just put somebody at the PMF as a squadron commander. Is he that commander that he is supposed to be? Does he have the ability to command, does he have the competency and the capability to command? These are very key issues in view of some of the challenges and the difficulties that we have faced.

“We want to put the PMF back on the street the way it is supposed to because the mobile police force is the elite force of the Nigeria Police. And we want to look at those glorious days and compare and contrast the differences from what they were and what they are now.”

The IG said he would make public the indicted officers in the SARS attack.

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