School Princpal Suspended For Conducting Virginity Test On Students

Ajuwon High School, Iju Ajuwon

The Ogun state Government on Wednesday suspended the Principal of Ajuwon High School, Iju Ajuwon in Ifo Local Government of the state, Mrs Olufunke Aladeojebi, who allegedly conducted virginity test on some female students, after preliminary investigations by the state’s Ministry of Education.

The Commissioner for Education, Mr Segun Odubela, told journalists in Abeokuta that the ministry had interrogated the principal “to give her a fair hearing,’’ adding that a five-man panel made up of officials of the ministry and the state’s Teaching Service Commission was set up to further investigate the case and make appropriate recommendations on how to deal with the matter.

According to him, the government was concerned about the welfare and interest of the students and would not tolerate any act that would compromise their fundamental rights or jeopardize their future.

“We equally believe in the need to maintain discipline in our schools and to follow due process in the handling of this particular case.

“We appeal to parents of the students involved to be patient and allow us to handle the case as dictated by the law of the land and service rules,” he said.

A national daily had reported that the principal, in conjunction with a nurse conducted a virginity test on the female students of the school without the consent of their parents. However, out of the 300 students in SS1, only 38 of them passed the test.

As much as what the principal did is inexcusable and an infringement on the right of the students, isn’t it something to worry about that just 38 out 300 female students who are probably all under 15, passed a virginity test?


  1. It was unorthordox 4 the test to be carried but this situation calls for urgent attention among those 268 students who failed majority were molestested, some don’t know the repercaution of premarital sex sum are infected wit std..etc this calls for mass sex education in our institutions….only 38 out of 300 our standards as africans have rily falling

  2. There is nothing good about a virginity test, it is plain turture. An besides it is very very unreliable as there are a lot of things that can cause a raptured hymen. Some of which are….
    Sporting activities
    Bike(bicycle and motor cycle) rides
    Instrumentation(in hospitals)
    Experimantal Curiosity in adolecence… and many more!
    Virginty test is barbaric and inaccurate such results shoul not be taken seriously but that should not parents relax and leave their clildren about. Our decipline use to be our pride!

  3. The government of ogun state shud be respected for paying attention to this, and the principal shud be honored for taking this bold step, the. Student should be checked further for std and other things, so the perent shud apr. ŦĤƐ principal is not a man so don’t condem her

  4. in as much as we feel the principal had infringed on the right of the students by prying into their privacy even without consulting their parents,the rate is too alarming. if in ss1 class only 38 students passed the test out of 300 what if it was conducted for ss3 students or better still, females between 20-25 yrs, i wonder what the result will be. the moral situation of this country needs to be checked.