Senator too Thinks ongoing Demolition in Abuja “is Crazy”

The “Demolition Man” FCT Minister, Senator Bala MOhammed who has vowed that more estates will go!

Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, chairman, Senate Committee on Lands, Housing and Urban Development has heavily criticized the authorities at the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) administration and described as crazy the demolition exercises being carried out in Abuja by the administration.

The senator was speaking at the 2012 induction ceremony for 247 newly registered quantity surveyors and 19 newly registered practicing firms in Abuja. A former governor of Yobe State, Senator Ibrahim argued that the demolition could not be justified, especially at a time when people were suffering from current housing deficit. He faulted the demolition and said, “to me, it is crazy.”

Ibrahim’s condemnation is coming days after Senator Osita Izunaso condemned the demolition of Minanuel Estate in Lugbe Extension, as well as other estates within Abuja even as FCT administration has vowed to carry on with demolition of more illegal estates and other structures.

He also insists that the justification always given by development control department of FCTA that it gives defaulters a “stop work” order which they ignored, was lame and argued that the relevant authorities should not allow people to engage and continue with structures in the first instance and should use law enforcement agencies to halt development of perceived illegal structures, instead of allowing such structures to be completed. He said: “If defaulters don’t stop work, why not bring in law enforcement team to stop them? I don’t think Nigerians are so lawless.”



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