Should Women be Allowed to Dialogue with Boko Haram?

Folashade Grace Bent

In what could be a rather disturbing suggestion, a former member of the Senate, who represented Adamawa in the National Assembly, Folashade Grace Bent, has said that women should be given the opportunity to dialogue with the Boko Haram sect, saying such would certainly yield a lasting result.

The former senator was speaking at a dinner and award night, organised by the Global Association of Female Attorneys (GAFA), held in Abuja, last Thursday, she stated that the 35 per cent slot given to women in the political sector was not enough, adding that the strength of women should not be underrated when it came to bringing about peace in any situation, given the potential and wisdom God had endowed them with.

Bent also added that more slots should be given to women in order for them to discharge their God-given potential, which invariably would bring unprecedented development to the nation. Citing the example of Liberia where a woman is the president, Mrs Bent stated that the Mrs Johnson Sir Leaf had been able to use the power of a woman to bring to an end the persisting war that had been raging in the country.

She, however, called on the womenfolk not to allow themselves to be relegated to the background, adding that they should stand up for their rights in every sphere of life. Although, she commended President Goodluck Jonathan for the inclusion of women in his cabinet, she said that the President could do more.


  1. Please if it is women that can reach understanding with Boko’s let them do it as a matter of urgency, and if they achieve lasting peace and stop the menace of the Boko’s AND Harams, more slots will surely be allocated to them.


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