Suicide Bomber Attack Averted in FCT

newbokoIndications emerged, on Thursday, that authorities of the Nigerian Army Garrison Headquarters in Abuja, foiled a suicidal plot by members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, to carry out a Christmas and New Year celebrations’ bombing in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

According to the Vanguard newspaper, two drums loaded with explosives, several sizes of cans, including those of vegetable oils and palm oil converted to Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs; about six AK-47 rifles and timing devices were recovered.

The Vanguard also reported that two persons, the landlord of the house where the high caliber explosives were recovered, and another man described as the middle man who facilitated the movement of the plotters and IEDS to the house, where the attack was to be coordinated, have been arrested by operatives of the Army Garrison Headquarters.

Also, a manhunt is also said to have been activated for the persons scheduled to carry out the bombings. Operatives, made up of Military Intelligence and counter-terrorism personnel, stormed the house located in Suleja area, following a tip-off at the dead of the night, but were unable to apprehend the two suicide bombers, who did not return from wherever they went on that day.

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