Suspected Witch Mysteriously Shaves United Methodist Church Pastor’s Hair At Night

In a witchcraft related case, a United Methodist Church pastor stationed in Uzumba District recently got a hair cut from witches while he was asleep, reports say.

Pastor Teddy Mundondo from Nyamhara village in Uzumba allegedly woke up in the morning, only to find his hair missing. However some gossip mongers are alleging that 3 women are being suspected to be behind this spine-chilling incident.

Pastor Mundondo could neither deny nor confirm the incident but only said he could not divulge his personal problems to the media. He went on to say as a pastor he faces various temptations.

“I can not speak to the media on issues that affect my life or church business. You would rather approach church leaders, not me, for they have the powers to speak on behalf of the church. Do you think it’s nice to publish that a Pastor mysteriously got a bald shave? Why do you want to cause troubles in pastor’s life?” said the man of God.

Prior to getting hold of pastor Mundondo, our news crew had previously approached his wife, Rudo Kanokwiza, who confirmed that her husband got a hair cut at night from unknown people during his sleep. Mai Mfundisi Rudo said the incident took place a few weeks ago after she had visited her rural area in Bocha.

“IT’S TRUE, the incident took place while the Pastor was alone. He said he then visited Mrs (name withheld) where he collected his hair that had been shaved during the night. He also said he dreamt of the whole incident during the night,” said the pastor’s wife.

When reached for comment, the woman who was allegedly found in possession of the pastor’s hair, professed ignorance over the matter.

“A lot of people are calling me with private numbers asking me if it’s true that I gave mufundisi a hair cut in his sleep. All along I didn’t know anything. Another young man who is also a member of our church (name withheld) is the one who revealed to me that people are saying ‘ndakagera mufundisi zuda‘. In fact I was in Harare when the incident took place,” said the woman.

She added: “I hold a leadership position in the church and this is not going down well with the pstor. Next year we were supposed to send him to school, but since he doesn’t socialize well with others, we can’t do that anymore. My children actually want to sue him. On another church member’s funeral (name withheld), this pastor preached about me. He said he shall witness all witches being burnt in hell when the time comes,” said the woman.

However, another villager in the area CONFIRMED that he saw the pastor coming to collect his hair at the woman’s homestead.

“I saw Pastor Mundondo riding his motorbike, arriving at the woman’s homestead. He said he had come to collect his hair. Shortly I saw this woman coming out of the house, carrying a plastic bag containing human hair. Upon being handed over his belongings, the pastor returned to his homestead. If you can, please see also the woman’s neighbour (name withheld). She will bear witness to this incident,” said the man.

Tatenda Makono, who is also the pastor’s neighbour, CONFIRMED the incident.

“I was with the pastor the previous night. In the morning I saw him riding his motorbike with a bald head, heading to this woman’s homestead. When he came back, he was carrying a plastic bag. I couldn’t ask him about it but through the grapevine I learnt about it,” said Makono.

Efforts to get a comment from United Methodist Church Head Office proved futile as the Admin Assistant, Rev Marewangepo was said to be away by the time of going to press.


  1. That devil is a liar, u mess with God’s anointed n go free, bible say touch not my anointed n do my prophet no harm. Whatever is done against him i send back in seven fold now by fire in Jesus name. Whatever u are call, trying to mess this pastor up, i condemn ur powers now in Jesus name, everyone who have rising hand against the pastor those hands i whither in Jesus name. Lord i pray for the church this day let there be a return of glory n power again, restore fire again upon our alters in Jesus name

  2. are u sure u’re in good time wth God pastor?to tell u d truth u’re nt spiritually strong and u need 2 examine ur life if u’re really a true man of God,a witchcraft 2 shave ur hair at night while sleeping?they never born dat witch 2 do such a thing.


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