Vilanova’s Cancer Operation Goes “As Expected” – Barca Statement

Tito Vilanova’s operation on his parotid gland has gone “as expected” according to Barcelona. The 44-year-old began a second battle with cancer after he had a tumour removed from his throat in November last year, but will now start six weeks of chemotherapy.

Tito Vilanova
Tito Vilanova

In a statement, the club said: “Vilanova’s surgical procedure has gone as expected. His clinical progress will determine how long he remains in hospital. The expected timeframe has been maintained. Tito asks for his privacy and confidentiality to be respected.”

In the same vein, the club’s captain, Carles Puyol, brimming with more positivity, said the operation had gone “very well”.

“The first message I have received is that the operation has gone very well,” Puyol told a news conference after surgeons operated on Vilanova on Thursday, just over a year after he underwent a similar operation on his salivary gland.

Captain Carles Puyol revealed that the Barça players have drawn strength from Eric Abidal’s return to good health as they come to terms with news of Vilanova’s need for further cancer treatment.

“You’re never prepared to hear news like this, but (Eric) Abidal’s example gives the team strength and I’m sure Tito’s case will do the same. It’s not just an example to us but to the man in the street, proving that if you fight hard, everything will be fine.

“The best way to support him is to keep moving forward.  It is a severe blow but we must get up and keep on playing. This team has always done that and will do so again.”

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