“We Did Not Build Covenant University From Tithes And Offerings” – Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo last night again, floored those accusing him of ripping off church members through tithes and offering to live in affluence while cruising in private jets.

He said,”the last time Church paid my salary was December 1987, nobody heard it, not even the Ministers in the church until 1997 and church members didn’t hear this until 2007″.

Again he said: “In January of 1988, my wife asked me of money for feeding and I told her I had give my salary to God, and that was the last time she ever had to ask for feeding til date” He again queried whether anybody has ever been approached by him for any form of financial assistance?

He also shocked the people accusing him and church of using poor people’s money to build universities that themselves can’t afford to send their kid when he said; “Covenant university was built within 7 months without any collection of any one naira tithes and offerings or donation of any kind from anywhere”

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  • i bliv evn d bible askd not 2 judge his, nd 4 dat reason God kno’s beta.
    Let evry man b 4 himsef nd do as askd by his God, as he undstnds it nd seek clarification if need b.
    Let d word of God b our guide as we walk through lyf.

  • He should let some of us be. We are not as stupid as he wants us to look.”he didn’t get monies & donations from anywhere” then how did he get d millions to build d school? Even if in truth & honesty he didn’t use d tithes of his members to build, as a shepherd & a ‘man of God’ couldn’t he have made it affordable to enable his followers attend? Did his father leave him with a gold mine or oil well? How does he expect ppl to approach him for financial assistance when they won’t even be given access? We know these things. D bible says “touch not my annointed & do my prophet no harm”, I ask myself sometimes, “are these men truly annointed? Are they even Jehovah’s prophets?” hard to believe. You shall know them by their works. We don dey sabi them small small. Jesus will deliver us all! Amen!!

  • My God I serve its already exposing pastors, watch out for his judgement,, the answer you gave to those questions are not what they asked of you at all, you just gave unnecessary talks……

  • My father Bishop Oyedepo once said that we should allow those @ our back to do thier job I.e see our back and talk at our back. He also said he is happy because he is working in line with what Jesus said”Woe unto You when all men speak well of you” so if everybody speaks wel of him that means he is i trouble, big big trouble so am just happy that some people @ his back are talking @ his back.I Love You all

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