Woman Hired Thugs Who Beat Her Lover To Death

Tawa Rawan
source: PM News

Mrs Tawa Rawan has landed in trouble after sending thugs to beat up her secret lover, Akeem Ganiyu at his house at 91, Arobadele Street, Bariga, Lagos, over a disagreement.

The thugs, instead of beating up Ganiyu, as directed by Rawan, they ended up killing him after inflicting several machete cuts on his body. She was arrested by the police for her alleged involvement in the murder.

Her accomplices identified as 27-year-old Joshua Damilola, 25-year-old Akintude Sodiq, and 17-year-old Ismaila Riliwan were also arrested by the police. The fourth accomplice, Abiodun Adeleke is on the run.

Narrating the incident, 22-year-old Rawan, mother of two kids, said she had a quarrel with the deceased and he slapped her and took away the money she made from bread sales.

According to her, she contacted those men to help her recover her money and to avenge the assault on her and not to kill Ganiyu. She said she was still shocked that he was killed in the process.

On her relationship with the late Ganiyu, she said he was her lover and that she is from Oyo State and married to another man with kids.

It was learnt that while she was still with her husband, she was also dating other men, including Ganiyu secretly.

On the day of the incident, she said that the late Ganiyu assaulted her and since she could not overpower him, she went and brought the suspects who eventually murdered him.

She confessed to sending the suspects to harass and beat 25-year-old Ganiyu up and not to kill him.

“I did not ask them to kill him, only to harass and beat him. I later learnt that they killed him with a machete,” she said.

One of the suspects, Damilola, told swore that they did not intend to kill him, but used the machete after he attacked them with bottle.

“We went to ask him his problem with Rawan, but instead of answering us, he snatched a broken bottle and stabbed me,” he stated.

He said he went to the bread factory and brought a machete and inflicted injury that resulted in Ganiyu’s death.

He also described Rawan as one of his customers at the bakery.

“I am at a loss on what to do and I don’t know how I am going to get out of this,” he cried at the station.

Another suspect, Sodiq, confessed that Rawan was also her lover but that he did not take part in the fighting.

A witness said that the late Ganiyu sustained several injuries on his body following the machete attack on him, adding that he died because he lost too much blood.

The body had since been deposited at the Gbagada General Hospital for autopsy. [PMN]



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