Xmas and New Year: No Causal Leave, Annual Vacations, no Sleeping at Nights for Police in Abia

policeIn order to ensure effective security during the Christmas and New Year festivities, Abia Police Commissioner, Mr Ambrose Aisabor, said Abia police command had suspended all forms of leave for officers. The commissioner said in an interview with reporters on Sunday in Umuahia that the suspension would last till the end of January.

Aisabor said the measure was in line with of the command’s commitment to securing live and property during the festive period. According to him, “We are in a festive period and many people are looking for money; they want to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a big way and we in the police force are aware of that… We know that at this time of the year criminal activities are bound to increase and we are not going to allow that in Abia this season,’’ he said.

He continues: “From now till the end of January, no more causal leave, all annual vacations have been cancelled and no sleeping at nights.’’ However, officers could take some few hours to rest during the day, Aisabor said, adding that in the night, starting from the commissioner of police to the least-ranked person, everybody would be out to check crime.

He also added that his target was to achieve the recent paradigm shift to visibility policing as enunciated by the Inspector-General of Police: “We want to ensure that businessmen travelling to Aba to buy things do so without any hitch,’’ he said.

Source: Vanguard

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