Yakowa’s Widow Mooted As Possible Candidate For Dep. Gov. Position

A new power play is emerging in Kaduna state following the tragic death of the former governor, Patrick Yakowa, on Sunday in a Nigeria Navy helicopter crash in Bayelsa state as plans are reportedly underway to tap Amina, the widow of the late governor as the deputy to the newly sworn-in governor of the state, Dr. Mukhtar Ramalan Yero.

Amina Yakowa

This plan is being brokered by northern governors across party divide, top northern politicians and governors from other regions of the country with the aim of sustaining Yakowa’s legacies.

The promoters of the move to install Yakowa’s wife could meet with Vice President Namadi Sambo in about a week’s time. Members of the group, who are working anonymously gave indications last night that they were convinced that Mrs Yakowa’s mooted candidature would fly.

Mrs Yakowa, 59, was a former deputy director at the Ministry of Defence and only retired after her husband became governor.

The promoters are also said to be motivated by the example of the wife of the former Senate President, Mrs Margery Okadigbo, who emerged to take over her husband, Chuba’s slot in the Senate.

And even more recently, they cited the example of a former Senator from Plateau State, Sen. Gyang Dantong, who was similarly succeeded by his wife, after he was killed by unknown gunmen at a funeral in the state.


  1. Why not? But only if she’s got what it takes, sentiments apart. It wasn’t sen. Dantong’s wife who took his place in d senate but d late Plateau House of assembly member’s wife. You wanna get ur facts right b4 goin public.

  2. Its good idea and ideal for her 2 take over if possible. So long as she is fit for d post. But pls let her morn 4 her husband, for no 1 fathums the taste of honey in pains.

  3. Could this not be another way of making southern kaduna people politically relevant in kaduna state,what can a woman do in areas of policy and decision making to the benefit of his constituency??I’m of the opinion that a man from southern kaduna will be better than a woman.

  4. If that is the will of kaduna state PDP Govt, in agreement with the constitution of the fed. Rep. Of Nig. And in tandem with the family of our belove governor. But if it is by way of compensation my sister, let one of your husbands clansmen do it and ask for something to do if you don’t have any, because I have a very strong feeling that you may not be the kind of widow that God wants you to be in that place. Pls look carefully before you leap.

  5. Danjuma Byang wrote:

    First, let me acknowledge and appreciate the condolences many of my personal and fb friends have been sending by calls, sms’s and chat messages over the untimely, mysterious and painful demise of Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa (KSM, CON), who until Saturday December 15, was the Executive Governor of Kaduna state, my state of origin!
    While most Nigerians were still unsure if the rumours of the helicopter crash that claimed the life of the Governor and the former NSA were true, we were told that Yakowa’s deputy had been sworn in to take his place as Governor. And within hours of the swearing in of the new Governor, rumours are awash that there are plans to make the widow of the slain governor the deputy of the new Governor.
    Those who are advocating this claim that as Deputy Gov, Mrs Amina Yakowa would continue the legacies of her late husband. But I think there is everything wrong for Mrs Yakowa to become deputy to her late husband’s deputy for the following reasons.
    1. The 1999 Constitution which we are operating does not have any specific role for Deputy Governors. And in practice, we know that Deputy Governors have been mere errand boys/girls to their ogas. So how can she continue with her late husband’s legacies?
    2. With all due respect to the person of Mrs Amina Yakowa, is she cut out for that kind of responsibility? As wife of the late governor and therefore the First Lady of the state she must have gained some prominence and visibility in the state, but now and without her husband can she cope with all the politics, intrigues, stresses and demands that go with the office? This point must be looked into for her personal interest and of course, the interest of the constituency that she and her late husband represented.
    3. Most importantly, I would consider it insulting and demeaning to her person to start saying “Yes, sir”, to a man who until two days ago was saying “Yes Ma” to her. More so, to say that to a man young enough to be her son!
    In the light of the foregoing, I would strongly suggest that if the propagators of this idea don’t mean to humiliate Yakowa’s widow, by adding insult to injury, they should perish the thought. Instead, if they really want to honor the late governor who truly fought, even to the detriment of the constituency he represented, to unite the people of the state despite tribe or religion, then they should find other ways to do it. One way to do it is to ensure that some, if not all, of the entitlements her late husband enjoyed are accorded her. to help her and the family bear the irreplaceable loss. Also the political philosophy of the late governor was “Yakowa, Na Kowa”. This means Yakowa is for all. This he lived and practiced to the moment of his death. If the so-called admirers of Yakowa are sincere, they should counsel the new governor to run the same policy as his benefactor did.
    For avoidance of doubt, we from the Southern part of the state are not asking for undue favour from this or indeed any government in the state. All we want is to give us what is due to us. Give us our fair share in govt appointments, award of contracts, admission of our children to post primary and post secondary institutions, and especially that they be allowed to compete fairly with others to read professional courses like medicine, engineering, pharmacy, law, accountancy, etc. Also that there is fairness and justice in citing developmental projects and programmes across the state. If these and similar issues were attended justly to by previous govts, we could care less who ruled us, nor would we clamour for the creation of a new state out of the present one.
    Finally, for all I know, the remains of the late governor have not been laid to rest. Traditionally, the type of discussion we have engaged here should not have been done, till after his burial. But since tradition was broken by appointing the late governor’s deputy to replace him before his burial, and the talk to make his widow the deputy of his former deputy, it behoves that we say something about it.
    My sincere and unreserved condolence to Yakowa family, the people of Southern Kaduna, the people and govt of Kaduna state, the people and govt of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and all peace loving people all over the world. May the Lord comfort and heal our broken hearts in Jesus name!


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