“You Must Be A Fool For Dumping Yvonne For Tonto”

Some Iyanya fans are angry that the kukere master has now found a home in Tonto Dike’s heart. Most of those against this new development believe it wouldn’t have been a bad thing if Iyanya was lonely and found Tonto, but leaving Yvonne Nelson for Tonto, they believe is an inexcusable mistake.

Tonto? Who’d you rather?

The hot and sexy Nollywood actress Tonto Dike obviously replied Yvonne Nelson with her tweets. Iyanya dumps Yvonne for Tonto and the broken hearted actress cried out. Tonto replied her thus: “Hunz lemme B,I’m happy n I earned dat Right*Sincere Apology 2d Hurtin Party,People change n So doez Feelin**Movin On iz a great Virtue dat takez U 2ur PROMIZE LAND** #POKO#“

Iyanya’s twitter timeline has witnessed different kinds of tweets asking him why he would dump Yvonne for Tonto. A sympathiser even tweeted at Iyanya, asking him if he smoked ‘igbo’ (weed) for doing what he did.

What baffles me is why a lot of people think Tonto is not good enough for Iyanya. She loves scandals, so to say, she doesn’t shy away from been picked on; maybe that has affected his public image in a very bad way, but Tonto Dike still remains a beautiful Nollywood star anyone would love to be with.

Iyanya hasn’t said much on the issue at hand; guess he’s enjoying how the whole thing is playing out. Just this reply to a fan who called him a fool…

Do you think Iyanya has done the right thing dumping Yvonne Nelson for Miss Tonto Dike?

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  • He knows what his doing, and enjoying is fame.. if someone had told him in his wildest dream when he apply & went for project fame then won, that he will date & dumps star as he’s doing he won’t believe it.. to me i seem him as a kid that’s still growing & confuse.. honestly i love both actress, but i would have prefer he stick with Yvonne & not jump around a kid without direction.. i feel ashame because his my brother…

  • Iyanya iz juz try’na ve fun wf ds gurlz i dn’t fink he rili luvz either of em buh 4 me i wud ve preferrd he stickd wf yvonne cuz i c hr mre reliabl dan tonto

  • Seriously speakn, i wouldn’t know why this shd be an issue. Whether enyimba or iyanya or whatsoever he’s called, has his life to live. Why can’t we just look into something more reasonable rather than according these people undeserve attention. They themselves know too well that they’re barriers to themselves as celebrities. So, why not give them room to exercise their funny, unappreciable, deteriorating, ill and abysmal characters? Pls, this country is got more serious and highly sensitive issues @ hand than so called enyimba issue. Plsssssss!!! MAY GOD HELP US!

  • Iyanya is still a play boy, so who ever n whateva pleases him is wht he does. For me both girls are take away, bt whch eva one dt is more beta in bed shl be preferable.

  • He is a fool to dump Yvonne Nelson,for tonto,black is beautiful,tonto has notiong to offer to you,she is noting but just a big harlot in the industry,please as many that could eat from her cake,please do it

  • Tonto means small taste. d guy just want av a taste ni. yarinya abi wetin u dey answer e no concern me. na ur tym ooo. come use am enter nelson e beta. u no say dat na beta name 4 africa. but dikke, well i tell u now, no say a no tell u ooo!

  • Hmmm this na little boy na,what is wrong with all these so called local celebs,why allowing this small boy to use them like that.U guys really need deliverance.Yvonne said she will marry a Nigerian but she must not be desperate abt it,yvonne u are beautiful,why allowing this small boy to use u,for tonto, her case still dey high court lol,wizkid use and dump her,now is this small boy.May God help u guys.This one no be case na normal thing amongst our so called celebs.If a boy of 15yrs come out now and become a star,all of them go dey run after the boy,well soon they will snap out of this one.Make una enjoy,rubbish pple.

  • Make them lost joor,this one na news,loatout small boy toying with u so called celebs,u guys re rubbish.Beautiful girls allowing toy boy to use una in the name of love.This is nonsense news joor.

  • Inyanya my brother pls fuck toto abeg if na me i wil fuck al of them.besid tonto toto go swt o.u knw say her toto na oyibo paper.hahahaha.toto gvs energy so inyanya u nid dat energy 2 be on stage.

  • Iyanya pls ride on, its your life. Who cares if you dump her tomorrow & marry whitney Houston…oh! Sorry she’s dead!!!

  • Wonda y dis dumpin nd jumpin 4rm 1lady 2d oda shuld b a news,,wonda y u tink nelson s beta dan tonto,or s cos she luv scandals??none has bin wit dis set of gals nd knw wat d cn/cnt do,,lets jst stp jugdin ppl by wat d say….

  • Iyanya,its ur tme bt dnt 4get diz; d mre u dump oda gals, d mre ods wil dump ur wuld b-wife. Bt we fit manage shaa. Shaa ooo i no 2 sure:-P

  • D truth bawt dis whole fin Ȋ̝̊̅§ dis,,,, those ladies re afta Inyaya bcos his gat d Fame, his Packs n also he’s cute….. So ladies mk una free d guy, so he culd mk his own decision….#Poko

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