2015 Elections: Jonathan’s Campaign Posters Flood FCT on New Year’s Day

GEJ-postersWith about two years to the next elections, giant campaign posters, announcing President Goodluck Jonathan’s readiness to contest the 2015 presidential election, greeted Nigerians in Abuja, the nation’s capital, as they woke up to savour the dawn of the New Year.

The posters, which were strategically posted in the high brow areas of the Federal Capital Territory, did not however indicate the source or the sponsor of the advertisement.

This launch of the campaign materials contradicts the President’s claim that he has not yet decided on the 2015 poll but concentrating effort on transforming Nigeria in line with his manifesto to give the people a ‘fresh air’.

It is yet unclear why the sponsors of the message decided to put it out on the first day of the New Year but a source familiar with the message pointed out that it was to send a strong message to the opposition that Jonathan was serious about contesting in 2015 and to test the reactions of the Nigerians.



  1. those trying to frustrate his government have finally given up but in a bid to confirm their failure, they want to see if they really were able to tarnish his image enough to dissuade him from contesting in 2015 in this attempt to prompt him to talk something concerning elections in his new year message over media and social network. Its worthy for them to know that the political entity called Nigeria is not a core northern or islamic affair, these devils should be thinking of how they can assist Jonathan better this country instead of clamouring for power when the present one has not be completely exploited fully. Jonathan is the best president this country has ever had just that some devils want him frustrated and blackmailed but we the masses are seeing and thinking with our heads, not with the heads of these wicked and Godforsaken few who hate progress but want to enthrone selfish religious believes in an 85% christian country, voting power is not in violence but in number.


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