5 Reasons Why You May Be Single


There is a huge difference between the guys who get girls on a consistent basis and the one’s who just can’t seem to get attention from the opposite sex no matter how hard they try. If your love life is on the skids, it’s safe to assume that you are probably guilty of one of these 5 blunders.


1. You’re too needy

If you want to run a woman off quickly, one of the best ways to do it is to be overly needy, i.e., excessively calling, emailing or sending text messages early in a relationship, always being available and doing everything she wants. Furthermore, women are not attracted to the type of man who needs too much support, validation, and constant reinforcement.


2. You don’t know how to build attraction

Many men fail in this area because they don’t know how to talk to women in a way that makes them more interested as time goes on. You need to learn the trigger points in women, i.e., how they think, react, and speak. You also have to know how to project your best qualities and use these to build attraction.


3. You’re looking in the wrong places

Trying to meet women in bars and clubs is a waste of time! Many women do not like meeting men at bars and have a natural resistance to men who approach them in these settings. Some of the best places to meet single women are shopping centers, coffee shops, concerts and gyms. Women KNOW that guys who are in bars and clubs are looking for one-night stands, but they don’t expect to be hit on in the above scenarios (element of surprise).


4. You don’t have confidence

Women are attracted to men with self-confidence, period. Nobody wants a guy who acts unsure of himself. A sexually confident man who is secure about his sexuality and is comfortable being who he is will always attract more women.


5. You’re not persistent

Second to not even trying, giving up too early is the most common mistake guys make. You may need to get rejected a few dozen times before you come across a girl that likes you. Remember, meeting women is about numbers, so continue to go out and meet as many women as possible to improve your chances.


  1. I love Your site.i really very a few problem to share.am 24 years old,handsome and brilliant,courageous but i am single.i can really get myself to love any girl because i believe is very difficult to find a good and a faithful girl.


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