50 Yemeni Women Murdered Their Husbands Last Year

Yemeni women
Yemeni women

As many as 50 women in Yemen were found guilty of murdering their husbands in various provinces last year, the ministry of interior said.

According to the ministry’s recent report on women-related crimes, the husbands were murdered in the capital and the provinces of Mahweet, Hajja,Taiz and Sana’a. The women were aided and abated by their family members and other next of kin.

The women’s motives were inequality in marriage, domestic violence, jealousy, women’s sense of inferiority in family as well as economic pressures. The women ended their partners’ lives by shooting, poisoning or beating them to death.

Despite the sudden increase in bloody spousal violence in 2012, Yemeni women have continued to grab the attention of hundreds of foreign husbands. A recent figures released by Immigration and Nationality Department at the ministry of interior showed that 746 foreigners were given permission last year to tie the knot with Yemeni women. [GN]