7 important Steps To The Perfect Make Out Session


As Nigerians in the midst of daily stress and engagements we always try as much as we can to keep our relationships healthy. It is good for us to know that even a good make out session can beat bad s*x. That’s just how good a make out session can be, but it has to be done right. If you’re new to necking, this article will serve as a primer for your budding skills. If you’re already the king of kissing, it won’t hurt to brush up on the fundamentals. Knowing what is necessary to have a perfect make out session will make your life more enjoyable and your dating life more successful.

1. Keep Your Eyes Closed
While kissing another girl, it is of utmost importance to keep your eyes closed. The main problem with not keeping your eyes closed is that if they’re open, it looks like you’re staring, which can be creepy for any girl. So when your lips are touching hers at any point, just keep your eyes shut. Not only will this prevent you from starting, it will also make her kisses feel better. While your eyes are closed, your brain won’t be busy processing your visual senses and will have more computing power to process your tactile senses.

2. Match Her Mouth Size
Chances are that the girl you are making out with have at least a slightly smaller mouth than you. This can become a problem if you don’t know how to shape your mouth to fit hers. If you engulf her lips with yours, she won’t have a fun time and will have to wipe your drool off of her face. This could definitely kill the mood for both of you. The correct approach to take is to keep your top lip aligned with her top lip and your bottom lip aligned with her bottom lip. Your tongues will meet happily in the middle. This way, your bigger mouth won’t interfere with your make out session and you’ll both be better off because of it.

3. Keep Your Lips Together To Begin With
To start things off, lead with your lips; your tongue will get its turn eventually. One key to a successful make out session is starting it off correctly, and using your lips to do so is the correct approach. If you probe around with your tongue too early, you could easily come off as a creeper, or worse yet, a bad kisser. Remember that when you deploy your tongue it should be a welcome visitor. Don’t probe around her mouth with it unless her lips are parted first. If you have to force your tongue into her mouth, you might get slapped. When her lips are parted and she gives you her tongue, reciprocate and just go with it.

4. Don’t Slobber On Her Chin, Nose, Or Cheeks
When you are making out with a girl, make sure your saliva touches no part of her face (chin, nose, or cheek). If you slobber on her face on a regular basis, she might not want to lock lips with you anymore. If she’s someone you really like, it could be a heart breaking deal breaker. The point about matching her mouth size will help you the most with this one. If you remember that her mouth may be a little bit smaller than yours, you’ll be able to keep your drool sauce to a minimum.

5. Smile
Even if she doesn’t see you smile, she’ll feel you smile. If she knows you’re having fun, she’ll feel more at ease and will put on a smile herself. Smiling is hardly ever mentioned when making out is being discussed, but it can have a profound effect.

6. Know What To Do With Your Hands
In the heat of a make out session, you should know what to do with your hands. If you just keep them in your lap, you’re forfeiting many great benefits for both you and your kissing partner. If you don’t know what to do with your hands while you’re making out with a girl, here’s a quick list to get you started:


  • Stroke her hair
  • Unhook her bra
  • Fondle her
  • Gently hold her head
  • Rub her inner thigh
  • Put your hands on her hips
  • Encourage her to use her hands


Using your hands in these ways will help you and your partner have a more enjoyable make out session. The important things here is to remember that as a man, it is your responsibility to take things further in the interaction. Be confident and push things to the next level when you feel it’s right. If you feel any hesitation from her, just wait longer and let it come naturally. If you push too aggressively, you could end up alone for the night, so try to match her pace.

7. Know What To Do NextA make out session can easily lead to for*play and s*x, which you should be prepared for. Have a condom on hand so that you’ll be able to make this transition more easily. If things don’t lead to s*x, don’t take it personally and definitely don’t act frustrated. Acting whiny after being rejected is almost worse than begging for s*x. It also puts all the power in her hands, which can put you at a disadvantage later on.



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