AFCON: Ahmed Musa, Ike Uche Blamed For Eagles Draw

super-eaglesAhmed Musa and Ikechukwu Uche were at the receiving end of their teammates anger after Nigeria threw away their lead at the nick of time against Burkna Faso on Monday.

“The players gave both Musa and Uche their piece of mind immediately after the match,” a top official disclosed.

“They blamed them for the draw because they said they should have tried to play for time rather than go for goal with seconds only left on the clock.

“The best thing for the players to have done in stoppage time with Burkina Faso enjoying the momentum was to try to run down the clock” the official said.


  1. Is not super eagle anymore, is now super chicken …keshi is not a coach and yobo is a useless prayer, ife ambrose is not a mature player, playing in celtic does not mean that you are good, the only play that prove maturity in the field of play is M obi and musa and some two player that i will not mention there name due too they are my friends, goal keeper you are good kip it up, letter to Mrs Keshi, you are now a woman your team is playing draw with small burkna faso, that means if you should meet like Ghana or I Coast, tunisia, we nigeria should not watch the match because we should because be expecting 10zero abi?…if you no bring this cup back to nigeria na problem ooooooo……..

  2. the team played well to me as football player, keshi mess up the beautiful game by trying to play all our debutat players we have, forgetting that shouldn’t b at the first match, very very earlier to gambling. U see d result. Pls BIG BOSS WITH ALL DO RESPECT SIR, start our next match with these first starters execpt ambrose who is already out.
    Am very impressed for the team,that yellow boy u put there, got no business in that pitch, u can’t score, u can’t creat for ur team mate since ur’e in position to do that, blowing , & balooning all d chances, d boss try to make ur changes according to the patern of game in the pitch, that’s what makes a coach who are aiming a big thing in a game of soccer. Don’t just change bcos ur’e down or ur’e gaining even if u want to do that let it b constructive.. May god
    bless & lead d entired team gug luck all..


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