Amazing Miracle: “I Drove From Ore To Lagos Without Petrol” – Pastor Adeboye

FRIDAY, December 13 saw traffic around parts of Ikoyi, the race course and all the main bridges linking Lagos Island and the mainland completely closed for about two hours, because our President Jonathan was on his way to attend the Holy Ghost Congress organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God headed by Pastor Enoch Adeboye at the Redemption Camp.

This type of disruption of traffic is reminiscent of the period when Lagos was still the federal capital and residence of Presidents and Head of states, before the movement to Abuja, during civilian regimes.

Notorious traffic at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, when the Redeemed Christian Church of God is holding their camp meeting is well known and deserves no comments.


The Redeemed Christian Church of God is one of the biggest Pentecostal Churches in the country with membership running into thousands, if not millions. It is therefore expedient for the president to fall into the temptation of choosing the venue both to worship and doing political business, by killing two birds with one stone. After all, this is not new. Pastor Adeboye welcomed President Obasanjo with the same fun-fare and prayer sessions.

Both Pastor Adeboye and President Jonathan have a lot to gain. While Pastor Adeboye may be guaranteed adequate funds through offerings for the church, the president on the other hand will have political membership support especially as it is rumored that the president is in the running come 2015. This political manoeuvering does not deserve a comment.

People witnessed on television the president kneeling and Pastor Adeboye praying for his success in the business of governances after which the President delivered his prepared political speech, promising to solve the nation’s problems.

Pastor Adeboye in his usual style gave a motivational sermon bordering on a miraculous story about a journey he was involved in. The story I am told had been narrated a number of times previously.

Pastor Adeboye was coming from Onitsha during the petrol crises when he realized he needed to buy petrol, but there was no petrol in Onitsha. He decided he would try Asaba, but found out also, there was no petrol in Asaba. Continuing his journey, he hoped to buy petrol on reaching Benin, but to his amazement also found out there was no petrol station open for business in Benin, Pastor Adeboye undaunted finally thought he would find petrol to buy at Ore.

By the time he reached Ore, the next stop, his petrol warning light came on, indicating that he was then on reserve supply. At this point Pastor Adeboye said God told him not to look at the petrol gauge, but to continue his journey. Following God’s instruction, Pastor Adeboye continued his journey from Ore, without looking at the fuel gauge, until he got to his residence in Surulere in Lagos.

This is a very moving account of the supernatural, and the very intervention of God himself in making what seems impossible, possible.

In other words, this is a miracle, a wonderful and an amazing thing, an event in the natural world but out of its established order, possible only by the intervention of divine power.

Pastor Adeboye’s narrative of his ability to drive a car with only reserve petrol left from Ore to his residence in Surulere – falls very neatly under this miraculous experience. In other words, God supplied him miraculous quantity of petrol to achieve this.

However let us subject this claim to analysis and scrutiny.

God created a horse or camel for motion and God can make a horse or camel run independently for 1,000 miles without stopping, or tiring just by His word, as all things are possible with God. One could say same for a car as well. But there is a difference.

A car is designed by man and designed for propulsion to run on an energy source such as petrol or gas by a system of carburetors or fuel injection. It is designed by man, after taking into consideration all external God or Natural Laws governing the earth gravity, velocity or motion, etc.

Pastor Adeboye said God told him not to look at the petrol gauge when the gauge warning light came on, before leaving Ore, driving to Surulere in Lagos. He decided not to tell us the full story: he should disclose the following facts that will convince everyone there was a miracle.

·What was the make and model of the car he was driving?

·What distance did he cover between Ore and his residence in Surulere, Lagos?

·What is the capacity of his car’s reserve tank by the time the warning light comes on – how many liters are in the tank?

·How many kilometers per liter does Pastor Adeboye car do?

Apart from the distance covered, all these questions or information could be supplied by the car manufacturers if the type of car is known.

It is well known also that there are cars that have two reserve tanks and these tanks have varying capacities. There are other factors that occur in the running of a car that could alter its function. The fuel gauge warning indicator may be faulty or can come on prematurely giving the impression that a driver is on reserve petrol.

Pastor Adeboye is alleged to own a private jet designed by man as described previously to operate a system of propulsion and flight by the use of aviation fuel. It could be assumed or inferred that while flying the private jet, there was insufficient aviation fuel, and the guage ignored, because with God all things are possible; Pastor Adeboye could not avoid a crash.

Unlike a car, the measuring instruments of an aircraft are better calibrated and more precise. From the above information to determine whether a miracle occurred between Ore and Pastor Adeboye’s house in Surulere, a decerning mind will conclude. There was no miracle, as the car in question must, have just conformed with the specification, it was designed to do.

I understand Pastor Adeboye was a mathematics professor before he was called to do God’s work. He must have had some knowledge in scientific data, and this could have influenced his narrative of miraculous petrol, a story he had repeated a few times. But our society is backward and most Pentecostal Church preachers take advantage of this ignorance.

It was amazing to me that a few people I would consider knowledgeable and enlightened could not see the flaws in the miraculous content of Pastor Adeboye’s story. This exposes our knowledge of what a miracle really is. This writer is a very strong believer in miracles, and miracles happen all the time but Pastor Adeboye’s claim could not stand the scrutiny of believers in the Western World. It would be classified as a spurious claim.

Source: Vanguard

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    • Agree with you. What took place was purely mechanical and not miracle.the pastor should know he is speaking to the whole world.end time so many funny miracles.

  • Mr Journalist… Get urself busy and write about things that would help both your career and the nation at large. If u have an issue with the miracle in question leave it to God to judge. U also seem to be deficient in knowledge in areas of what miracles are. You are a typical Nigerian journalist anyway, knows nothin, has no objective and writes bullcrap! I also think I just wasted my lunch time commenting on dis silly post… But thank God i do101 for d purpose of diet!

    Enjoy ur bullcrap carreer!

    • I believe in miracles. Anybody who does not believe in miracles does not believe in God. By reading all the vituperation poured on the journalist I thank God that we are no longer in the Dark Ages when the Roman church through the Inquisition was killing off those who have diverse beliefs. Our church leaders have lost so much respect and credibility by their antics in recent times. With all due respect they need to get back to their ministry of reconciling people to Christ and leave all these pride of life, lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh

  • Is dis a feature or news ? D writer must be a bloody unbeliever like thomas. I doubt if u av ever experienced miracle in ur life

  • Mr journalist, if you don’t belief miracles you could has well claimed non existence of GOD. May God have mercy on you.

  • Its true the jobless writer has NEVER experienced or seen a “Miracle” in his life. Obviously, the people around him must be miracle-deficient as well. Miracles have always been ‘Illogical’ and can hardly be understood or experienced by malevolent, carnal, shallow and sin-ridden heads.
    My advice to you, write this about ISLAM and the response you’ll get is a WAR.

  • You cheap journalist are just writing anything.If you want to against the President must you go as far as speaking ill of a man of God? You better face your work or else you will face the wrate of God.You of little faith.

  • I think we need to be fair in our comments and views, either religions, journalism or any other profession, what is imperative is managing information you share in the public especially a multi culture, multi religious society like ours.

    Contextually, Pastor Adeboye would know the basic or let me say some basic auto mechanic principle but he was only trying to use this scenario explain what God can do. We should not overbloat the technical concept of fuel gauge, fuel injection, etc but rather look at his intent in using the issue to communicate the limitless power of Gid for change, miracle, transformation, etc.

    I will however advise that our religious leaders be sensitive to the perception of an average Nigerian when it comes to disseminating information to the public. And also the type and manner of passing such information.

    Gid will interprete best every human being intent and let us leave Him to judge accordingly.

    Thank you all and God bless

  • This writer lacks education, Ɣ☺ΰ are a disgrace †☺ journalism, shallow minded hypocrite, how dare Ɣ☺ΰ compare God with science? He íڪ the God of impossibility, moving a car without a fuel íڪ nothing compare †☺ what God has been doing and what He will still do for those who believe, if Ɣ☺ΰ continue with that little faith and empty brain of yours, miracles will never come your way. Rubbish write up by a journalist wanna- be

  • The above writer or replies have said it. The journalist is a cheap journalist and doesn’t know his profession.

  • It’s a pity dt Nigerians are 2 backward. Wt hs d writer done? He is a journalist & ds is democracy & western era. Miracle or no miracle, its an update. Comment & stop bin personl wt issues. Is it also possible 4 Him 2 fly his jet wtout fuel? Miracles exist no doubt…..i bliv.

  • Ask wat d motive behind the write-up is,sure its negative…My advise 2 the write Ȋ̝̊̅§,stop wasting your time on stories that can’t put food on your table or pay your children’s school fees,and @ d end,u still end up in hell as a result of wat u write with ur pen…God bless us all..

  • seriously i regret wasting my precious time reading this words of criticism from this frustrated and God forsaken journalist.

  • Journalist, you ought to know that a miracle is something supernatural, which you cannot try to reason out with your human mind, you don’t put it under analysis or close examination, that’s why it is called a miracle check your dictionary. Be wise and believe in God.

  • How do you detect hatred against you?. It is through what people say about you and your actions. The journalist is one of those who were offended because Pastor Adeboye hosted the Nigerian President – Goodluck Jonathan. Can man’s unbelief reduces God and His power?(Rom.3:3-4)

    • You haven’t got a clue, the journalist is a human and could as well be convinced. A true Christian will humbly try to let him see that with Gog, all things are possible. And you can’t do that by causing or using abusive words or tying to condemn the press man.

  • Pastors and imams are worst than politician. They are like parasite. Pastors are greater threat to African than politics.Now everyone want crucify the writer,Ask your self what is the meaning of Miracle?=something that happens outside law of nature.Engine and machine operate under technical grounds.Miracle only flourish among the poor,If our Govt has given us light water and all basic infrastructural developments i don’t think my people will be runing up and down for miracle.Lets think whenever we are making comments the whole world is looking at Nigerian church goers as lost people.Note look around the world any country that has less religious people are always ahead of others while the religious countries keep fooling themselves.

  • Just cos he said god orderd him not to look at his fuel gauge doesn’t mean there is no fuel inside his car…many atimes d fuel in our car take us to somewere we never expected nd we say this car suprised me today it did not consume a lot of fuel..

  • Dear Jounalist, may God have mercy on you, is this the first time you are hearing about miracles? be careful coz the wrath of God may fall on you (God forbid) can you explain the sciencce behind blind eyes getting opened, HIV status changing, deaf ears opening, mad people coming back to their senses, weatherd hands/legs becoming normal? if you can answer these few questions i guess you can answer the car’s issue. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand just as in the days of Noah many will cry but their cry will be too late. I pray that will not be you in Jesus name. (amen).

  • Mr. Writer,

    Let me first by telling you that you lied. You claimed to believe in miracles and yet you doubting the miraculous work of God on Papa Adeboye. I think you better go into a more serious journalistic work other than probing on miracles. Also your comparing a car and an aircraft does not make a point either. You better get busy and stop writing trash. Tomorrow you will still go to the man of God to pray for you when you in trouble. By then you will believe that God can do miracles through him. Please man get busy.

  • U should have verified this miracle before writing rather than leaving the readers to do so. U have made up ur mind and its a sign of unbelief and dangerous.

  • Leave τ̲̅ђe journalist †☺ God.  pray he realises his mistakes before it is too late. Must U̶̲̥̅̊ write

  • Okay, let’s go back to MOUNT CARMEL in the days of Prophet Elijah. Elijah the man of God versus prophet of Ball:

    The journalIst and vanguard, the daily that help the so-called publish this derogatory write up listen! If the miracle pastor Adeboye narrated was a lie but just said it to play on people’s ‘backward’ intelligence like he claimed. May pastor Adeboye’s fame and goodwill vanish to oblivion this year, but if it was true, that God did that miracle, then this journalist and vanguard daily that published it will surely go to oblivion this year, never to be heard again. In Jesus name!

    I think that settles it! So let’s see who lied either the man of God or the pen gurus!

    Keep ur fingers crossed.

  • Okay, let’s go back to MOUNT CARMEL in the days of Prophet Elijah. Elijah the man of God versus prophet of Ball:

    The journalIst and vanguard, the daily that help the so-called publish this derogatory write up listen! If the miracle pastor Adeboye narrated was a lie but just said it to play on people’s ‘backward’ intelligence like he claimed. May pastor Adeboye’s fame and goodwill vanish to oblivion this year, but if it was true, that God did that miracle, then this journalist and vanguard daily that published it will surely go to oblivion this year, never to be heard again. In Jesus name!

    I think that settles it! It should, and it will. So let’s see who lied either the man of God or the pen gurus!

    Keep ur fingers crossed.

  • You know guys, it is only when you are shallow minded like the Journalist that when you hear of miracles by God, you’ll disbelieve.
    God of course is a God of miracles who doesn’t need anything to make things happen. Remember, God created the world and all things from nothing ? Read Gemn 1:1-3.
    Lets not throw stones at the ” man of God” who only was saying what he experienced God doing in his life. Which is very possible.
    God manifests in different ways to different people. To people like me i see Him as ”Jehovah over do”, because He is a limitless God.

  • Sickening comments. I admire your courage α̲̅πϑ adept analysis, Mr. Journalist. Let T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ naysayers match your analytical α̲̅πϑ intelligent mind by putting up a sensible α̲̅πϑ coherent argument like your articulated piece instead of dwelling in their shallow world of ignorance where name calling buck passing α̲̅πϑ gullibility thrive. Mscheeeew!

  • Daddy G.O or whtevr dey call u…u cn full ur membrs nt d whole nation….i advice u 2 stp deceivin ur membrs nd mr president bcos u ar takin dem d wrng way.but dn’t 4get all liers shal perish….#WASH WASH#…

  • Hey!. Better warn this man. Stop writing rubbish about my father in the Lord o. You will soon loose your job as a journalist or you will be unable to write. You will soon have problem with your boss or your company liquidate. Then you will go to camp and ask for forgiveness. Idiot. THERE IS GOD. GOD PERFORMS SIGNS AND WONDERS. OKAY?

  • This is exactly why Nigeria is the cesspit that is. 90% of you idiots cannot engage your brains and think for yourself. Man of God told you he drove from Ore to Lagos without petrol and you have no intellect to ask him how! There is no hope for you or your country. You are destined to be consumed in the hell hole that your collective stupidity has created.

    Journalist, well done for asking the right questions. One day the eyes of the average Nigerian will be opened. Until then I live in hope.

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