Asari Dokubo Adopts Benin Republic, Dumps Nigeria

Notorious for his role as a Militant commander in the Niger Delta who led his army of well armed youths against the Nigerian state and made even more famous recently for his volte face in supporting his benefactor, Goodluck Jonathan, Mujahid Asari Dokubo has taking his tantrums to a whole new level by denouncing his Nigerian citizenship.


According to him, “In protest against the inability of Nigeria to grant IJAW REPUBLIC, I have relocated my corporate investments to Benin Republic. Benin is my adopted homeland today”.


  1. Abeg make him carry his demons and relocate them there. He is no freedom fighter, merely a greedy and self centred egotist. Imagine him turning his back against his brother jonathan because of terminated pipeline contract. He began to sing a different tune when jonathan withdrew his contract.

  2. I gv God all the glory that finaly this man has finnaly gone wit out of Nigeria wit his dimons Goodluk wil do witout him he didnt keep Goodluk there it is GOD almighty that keep him there so let asari go to hell

  3. pls point of correction, Asari Dokubo was never a freedom fighter but a reprobate and a greedy self- centred business mind, a peace distraction. Captioned his comment “I have relocated my corporate investments to Benin Republic” and not the freedom struggling to Benin Republic. Since the govt. of the day couldn’t favour him and his legion of demons hence found solace in Benin Republic. Howbeit, Benin republic be rest a sure Asori Dokubo is a complete “DISTRACTION” and nothing good. Period.