Atiku’s Aides Expose Obasanjo’s Corruption

A new book published by the media aides of Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has detailed the high handedness and the corruption of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, under whom Atiku served for eight years.


According to a report by Thisday, the new book is entitled: “Atiku Media Office: The Wars, The Victories,”

Thisday reported that “presents the grim details of how Obasanjo crippled his deputy, Atiku, in office at the height of their disagreement in 2003.

The book also spoke about how Obasanjo who “in 1999 had less than N20, 000 in his bank account” grew to acquire monumental assets.

The former vice-president’s spokesman, Mallam Shehu Garba, “and others” authored the book, said Thisday.

On Obasanjo’s assets, the authors wrote: “It is, however, ironic that the same EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission), whose only allegation against Atiku Abubakar is authorisation of placement of deposits in interest-yielding bank accounts, failed to see anything wrong or even curious is a situation where Obasanjo who in 1999 had less than N20,000 in his bank account managed to acquire several highly mechanised multi-million naira farms in all the six geo-political zones of the country; Obasanjo palm oil farms in Calabar; his farm at Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State, the biggest of its kind in Africa; big fish farms in Lanlate and Ota; a big poultry farm in Ibogun and oil palm and estate at Ehuuagie, Rivers State.

“As if that was not enough, Obasanjo’s investments allegedly stretch across all sectors of the economy with such ventures as the multi-million naira Temperance Hotel, Ota; the Bells Secondary School and University; Transcorp, which owns the Abuja Hilton, NITEL, oil blocks; steel company, as well as a speculated interest in the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) in Ikot-Abasi, which was allegedly sold to foreign interests allegedly at a price believed to be far below its actual value.”

“In a revealing chapter titled, “Constitutional and Political Background to the Obasanjo/Atiku Conflict,” the authors also traced the history of Obasanjo’s emergence as president in 1999 to the efforts of some retired military generals who collaborated with the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) machine of the late Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, then being led by Atiku.


“Although Atiku would later emerge Obasanjo’s running mate and subsequently vice-president, General Ibrahim Babangida, Lt. General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau (rtd) and a few Northern leaders who supported Obasanjo did not take kindly to this arrangement, according to the authors.

“The problem between Obasanjo and Atiku, the authors said, started with the 2003 presidential election against an earlier alleged expectation that the former president would spend only one term.

“The authors detailed how Obasanjo deployed EFCC to fight the ex-vice president on charges of corruption and how the former president took over the Peoples Democratic Party and appointed his men as party leaders.

“According to them, the former president began to cripple Atiku by moving to “control such petty things as allocation of staff vehicles, office and residential accommodation or determine who should be entitled to lunch at the State House.


  1. Atiku should keep shot his mouth. He should remember his past, bcos his is a corupt leader trying to say some one is corupt. What about his own ESTATE IN U.S and other thing i dont have time to mension. ATIKU can never be our president Nigeria. FUCK YOU ATIKU!

  2. And what have you exposed here? You are only raising posers and you are as puzzled as ordinary Nigerians on how he acquired those things.

    Besides, what is this crazy thing of agree with a candidate of ‘only one term’. Is presidency a birth right of the north.

  3. Let them talk it is God at works, all of them shall experience the mightiness of God, to judge all evil doers. This year is their judgement year.

  4. Hahahaha funny people comment very fast here. I am sure if the person in question “that’s the person been exposed is a northerner”, all of you will be quick to agree with this reports. Nigeria has a lot of educated illiterates, especially from the southern part of their country, what a waste. Too much sentiments from the southern part of that country to the extent that they have become blinded by it.
    Come to think of it we hardly even hear of those northerners you guys speak so badly of. I am sure they are probably the better portion of Nigeria.

  5. pls leave them all. the ”exposed” and the “exposers” were same thing. “ija lode t’orin d’owe”- na fight cause am 4 dem o. all i know is that those who cheat us will not go unpurnished by our creator who created us all.

  6. God will surely make them to expose each other.
    This year 2013, all those that put this country in this deplorable economic situation will be exposed and judged by the Almighty God. No court in this world will save them.

  7. I pitty atiku bcos u are the most curuptd persn in dis country, hw wil it be if u ar the presidnt of nigeria..evil. Tank God dat u cnt be de head of dis country. Gush u.

  8. Well, the exposure is God’s plan the voice of the people are the voice of God. This is the beginning just as various prophets has spoken, all those that are responsible for the woe of this country must come down this year for nigeria to move forward.

  9. OBJ is the most corrupt president this country has produced. Recently, he is claiming the saint over GEJ regime. God wil surely purnish him

  10. The target of this exposition is jona and the mumu is not performing so that at least his performance can make him ready for election like akpabio who has transformed rural akwa Ibom into a modern state ,fashola who believes there must be balance between people and their environment , Osho who has transformed ancient Benin kingdom to a modern city , lamido who believes the masses deserved to be listened to and brought into the development equilibrium ,amaechi who has transformed primary schools and rochas who believes in free education thereby developing human capacity as the bed rock of development. 2015 if we have not forgotten is our year of parting our separate ways as predicted by the Americans.all the grnd corruption going on is to say the least a child’s play as the country has been destroyed by corruption. All the elites have stolen from Nigeria the earlier they return their loots by themselves without any prompting from the state or our future revolutionaries the better for them all. Atiku is inconsistent as a politician even though he is a dogged fighter will he still be standing as an anti corruption crusader when the chips are down history will tell.

  11. Atiku should show the world the documents of sale of Abuja Games Village which he supervised and disclose the beneficiaries. Did he not use his office and goverment resources to acquire those properties. What of the American University in Yola. Can he tell the world the sources of funding?

  12. What is the meaning of Imam Atiku’s publication now after more than five or six years OBJ left office with him.Why not publish the monumental corruption of OBJ when they duo were in office so that Obasanjo will be indicted and tried.
    This type of political character deformation shall lead innocent Atiku to no where.We should learn the type of politics played by civilized World not deformity type of politics.Once we are one Nigeria we should learn how to forgive and forget so that Our Children will develop spirit of love not hate and not Boko haraming


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