BREAKING NEWS: JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN Claims Responsibility For Attack On Mali-Bound Nigerian Troops In Kogi State … Warns Of More Attacks

ansar-logo-620x310Just when the security agencies and Nigerians are about to heave a sigh of relief that the fight against dreaded Islamist group, Boko Haram, is gradually being won, the JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN aka JAMBS, came into existnece.

Believed within security circles to be a splinter group of Boko Haram, the sect claimed its biggest attack yet when it assumed responsibility for the daring pre-dawn attack on SARS headquarters in Abuja. If Nigerians thought that was a one-off strike, they would be proved wrong again as the sect has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s attack in Okehi, Kogi state, on a convoy of the Nigerian Army that was transporting troops for onward deployment to terrorists ravaged Mali killing two soldiers and injuring an unspecified number.

See their letter below as culled from the Desert Herald…

In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

All praise be to almighty Allah the helper of less privileged once, praise and blesses of Allah be upon his messenger the trustworthy,

After that: We JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI BILADIS-SUDAN are gladly informing the general public, especially those in the black Africa, that today being 19th days of Jan, 2013 by 60:00 am at itape arena ekehi local government kogi State Nigeria, with the aid and guidance of Allah we have successfully execute our first attempt in griping (sic) the Nigerian army troops that were aim to demolish the Islamic empire of Mali.

We are equipped and waiting for any slightest attempt of Nigerian army, moving towards the Islamic empire of Mali.

And we are warning the African countries to confiscate their effort for helping western countries in fighting against Islam and Muslim, if not we are Stanly (sic) assuring them, particularly Nigerian government to be prepare and be at utmost ready for facing difficulties from JAMBS any where any time, may Allah help us and grant our wishes.

Yours Abu usamatal Ansary

The leader.


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